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Wishing for a Luxurious Travel Experience? You Need This Guide

Traveling is undoubtedly food for the soul as it opens your mind. As you explore new cultures, meet new people, and try unique cuisines, you may even end up developing a deeper appreciation for your own culture. 

The coronavirus pandemic has not been easy on the travel industry. In an era of unavoidable social distancing and masks mandate, traveling is hardly a priority. But with 2022 only a few months away, those with a passion for the unknown can rejoice. Tourist destinations are reopening, and flights are becoming available again; traveling is fortunately back. 

For many, the classic backpacking trip never fails. But some of us desire more from our travel endeavors. For some of us, traveling isn’t merely about treading uncharted waters. It’s also about experiencing and appreciating the finer things in life. 

If you seek exotic travel destinations and luxurious experiences, keep reading below.

Pigeon Forge is a mountain town located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains. The place is surrounded by nature and awe-inspiring views. From renowned theme parks to thrilling adventurous activities, this region has a lot to offer. For those who love to explore nature at its finest with all the modern amenities, a stay at Pigeon Forge cabins will prove genuinely delightful. 

Start with the Titanic experience, which bills itself as the world’s largest museum attraction. After all, the Titanic is an icon for unmatched glory, and this museum is a testament to that. 

After that, you’ll probably want to head out to the town’s famous wineries. The towering mountains and mesmerizing valleys of Pigeon Forge are undeniably a serene backdrop for enjoying the four wineries. These include the Hillside Winery, the Apple Barn Winery, the Mountain Valley Vineyards, and the Mill Bridge Winery. All feature VIP tours with premium tastings and food and wine pairings. 

You’ll also want to stop by the Local Goat restaurant for some authentic local cuisine. 

  • The Maldives, South Asia 

The Maldives could very well be called a luxury Mecca. From the white, sandy beaches to the translucent colors of the Indian Ocean, it’s not hard to see why the Maldives is referred to as paradise. 

Maldives and luxury go hand in hand. At least half of its two hundred private islands are resorts. There aren’t many places in the world where you can sleep in a luxurious villa over the water and wake up to the sound of waves crashing. But the Maldives delivers precisely that. 

Speaking of luxurious villas, the highly exclusive Soneva Jani resort hotel is the most remarkable. Each overwater villa has a retractable roof, a freshwater pool, and a water slide for direct access to the lagoon, perfect for snorkeling and water sports.

If you find yourself in this tropical paradise, don’t forget to try some tantalizing Maldivian lobster and Sago Pudding. 

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates  

It’s impossible to talk about luxurious holidays without mentioning Dubai. Known as one of the most lavish, elegant, and modern cities, it’s truly the crown jewel of the United Arab Emirates.

The exquisite Burj Al Arab is the epitome of luxury hotels. This architectural icon is designed to resemble the sail of a ship. It is a true testament to Arabian luxury and hospitality. It features suites overlooking the sea, nine signature restaurants, and a full-service spa – and we’re only getting started. The interiors are gilded in 24-carat gold, and the 7-star hotel features more than thirty different types of Statuario marble. The amazement doesn’t end there. The Burj Al Arab has its own ‘pillow menu,’ with over seventeen types of tailormade pillows.

From luxury yacht cruises across the sparkling waters of the Arabian Gulf to helicopter rides, there isn’t a shortage of activities in Dubai. You can admire polo play at the Desert Palm Resort during the polo season between October and April, or rent a Ferrari and cruise the streets in style. Dubai indubitably offers unparalleled luxury. 

  • Bali, Indonesia 

Bali has long been considered one of Southeast Asia’s best retreats, and it isn’t hard to see why. The landscapes are a mixture of jungle and tropical terrain, with active volcanoes and terraced rice paddies. 

Bali has always held on to its local culture and customs, but it also caters nonchalantly to its visitors. Over the last few years, Bali has quickly become a popular honeymoon destination and luxury getaway. Bali offers some of the most iconic hotels with traditional wooden architecture, infinity pools, and rich Indonesian food. 

The Seminyak, Nusa Dua, and Kelingking beaches encompass the very essence of Bali with their clear water and soft white sand. Bali also features some of the world’s most fascinating and majestic temples. 

A private helicopter tour or hot air balloon ride is possibly the best way to appreciate Bali’s dramatic and rugged landscape. At the end of your day, you should pamper yourself with one of Bali’s exquisite luxury spa experiences. The Hanging Gardens of Bali Spa and the Laguna Resort & Spa are our top recommendations. 

  • Paris, France 

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities on Earth. It doesn’t need an introduction; it’s the city of love. It was home to renowned artists like Picasso and oozes culture and history. Paris practically runs on wine and champagne and is known for its distinguished culinary standards. 

If you want to wake up to breakfast with a view of the Eiffel Tower, the iconic Hôtel Plaza Athénée must be at the top of your list. You can’t go wrong with other options like the Four Seasons Hotel George V and the Ritz. Expect the best of the best: hotels in Paris are known for their uncompromising luxury.

It’s honestly impossible to take in everything that Paris has to offer. There is no shortage of sites, from the iconic Louvre Museum, featuring the famous Mona Lisa, to the Grand Palais, where Chanel hosts its fashion shows. You’ll also want to visit Notre Dame, the Arc de Triomphe, and the Palace of Versailles. Also, ensure to indulge in Michelin star-certified cuisine and treat your tastebuds.  

Ending Thoughts 

Traveling is immensely dynamic – there’s something for everyone. There are beaches for those who can’t get enough of the sun, while temples and spas for those seeking to soothe their souls. And lakes and valleys for those who love the great outdoors. But for those of us wishing for a more refined palate, there’s more to travel. And luckily for us, the best travel destinations offer the greatest in luxury, comfort, and grandeur. If you desire the most luxurious travel experience, look no further than our recommendations above.

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