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Machoyes Clothing Reviews {Sept 2020} Is This A Scam?

Machoyes Clothing Reviews 2020

Machoyes Clothing Reviews {Sept 2020} Is This A Scam? >> In this review, we will check the legitimacy of the site that claims to sell women apparel at a discounted price.

Does Shopping make you excited? Are you looking for a site that offers massive discounts or offers? Read this Machoyes Clothing Reviews to know more about this site and exciting products.

The internet is flooded with several web stores, dealing with fashion and clothing. Machoyes Clothing also makes his place amongst the list of such web stores. People worldwide prefer to shop online, and in the United States, it is more in fashion.

The information is floated that the company is about to expand its feather in several other countries; because of this, we need to figure out at present Is Machoyes Clothing Legit or not.

In this review, we will also share some of the most promising brands likeGRECERELLE Women’s Floral Print Dress, Alelly Women’s Loose Fit Romper, and BALEAF Women’s Golf Sleeveless Polo Shirt. So that you could compare every feature and price, and choose from the best. 

What is Machoyes Clothing?

As the internet is having access to many online web portals, similarly, Machoyes is also an online portal, catering to the need of woman wear. The web store is claiming to have fantastic stuff with quality products. What they stocked up – let’s find out.

  • Dresses
  • t-shirts
  • blouses,
  • hoodies,
  • jumpsuit and many more

The novice ness in clothes is creativity, which is based on various themes. The themes have been taken from nature, Hamilton, animals, ocean, etc.

The other themes are also collected from like accessories, pillowcases, shoes, and many more categories. They have also tried to incorporate the block prints as well. The store well needs to settle in the United States and everywhere.


  • Website Genre:- an online portal for woman wear
  • Website URL:
  • Refund Policy – the company ensures the refund of the amount for the returned product in the time frame of two to three days.
  • Company email-
  • Mode of Payment – Discover, Diners Club, American, PayPal, Visa, Maestro, MasterCard
  • Shipping time – usually the shipping time takes two to four days
  • Newsletter section – they provide the newsletter to their subscribed users.

Pros of buying from
  • The site has a trendy outlook.
  • The company offers free shipping for orders over $79.
  • No suspicious word is founded in the domain name.
  • You can subscribe for a newsletter subscription.
  • The site has a valid HTTP connection.
  • A size chart for every product is available.
  • The domain name has a commonly used TLD.
  • The site is available in more than 50 languages.
  • The product description is available.
  • The presence of the site on social media platforms shows it is trying to adjust to the online market.
  • You can pay in any of the five currencies.
  • The site offers huge discounts.
  • The site offers many online payment modes.
  • Many customer reviews are available on site.
Cons of buying from
  • The domain is created a few months ago.
  • The content of the text is plagiarized.
  • The domain has a short life expectancy.
  • The site has an abysmal trust score of 2 % only.
  • Similar images could be seen on other sites.
  • The website is not popular enough to cater to masses.
  • The site lacks a contact number.
  • Only very few customer reviews are available on social media.

Is Machoyes Clothing Legit?

The question Is Machoyes Clothing Legit surely be answered here as we have researched deep and dig out the facts in the context of this web store. The web store’s address is not appropriate; the age of the web store is very young; the creation date is as short as it is created one month and seventeen days back.

Machoyes Clothing Reviews also researched rigorously over the internet. In search of them, we were not met with the expectations of the buyer. This generally happens when the buyers are not able to get attracted to the web store.

Here, we can say that the answer to the legitimacy of the web store could be suspense. Buyers have to more vigilant and research before buying from here. We have stated the odds and even for this web store here for you to refer to and research.

That is why we have reviewed a hundred dresses of various brands and done our in-depth research to share the other legit products that could be easily founded on the Amazon shelf. 

You can see how popular that particular product is GRECERELLE Women’s Long Dresses, PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Off Shoulder Romper, and CQC Women’s Sleeveless Shirts.

Moreover, you can also review the feedback and ratings of actual users and compare their features with other similar brands.  

  1. GRECERELLE Women’s Long Dresses: It is a short sleeve casual split maxi.


  • It has 5% spandex and 95% rayon.
  • It is stretchable, soft, and comfortable.
  • It has short sleeves and V-Neck.
  • It is backless.
  • It has a loose fit.
  • It could be paired with heels, boots, or any other footwear.
  • The various sizes are –X Small, Small, Medium, Large, X Large, Large.

Pros of buying GRECERELLE Women's Long Dresses
  • It is ranked as #40 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry on Amazon
  • It is listed as #17 in Women’s Shops on Amazon
  • It is listed as #1 in Women’s Casual Dresses on Amazon.
  • It has received 4.3-star ratings on Amazon.
  • The dress is available in 25+ colors.
  • It has pockets.
Cons of buying GRECERELLE Women's Long Dresses
  • No international delivery option is available.
  • The dress is not available in full-sleeves and cut-sleeves.

  1. PRETTYGARDEN Women’s Off Shoulder Romper: It is one of the long and stretchable jumpsuits with pockets.


  • It has 65%Polyester and 35%Cotton.
  • It has a Back button closure.
  • It is Imported.
  • It has Elastic Waist, O Neck, Short Sleeves, Beam Foot, Two Side Pockets, Off the Shoulder, etc.
  • It is lightweight
  • It has Keyhole
  • It has a premium quality.
  • It is stretchable.
  • It could be paired with a Jacket, heels, sneakers, sandals, beach hat.
  • It is one piece long jumpsuit for any occasion like- office, party, cocktail, vacation, streetwear,

Pros of buying PRETTYGARDEN Women's Off Shoulder Romper
  • It has been ranked as #155 in Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #84 in Women’s Shops on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #1 in Women’s Jumpsuits on Amazon.
  • It has received 4.4-star ratings.
  • Many videos are available.
  • It is your perfect dress in summer.
  • It is available in 15+ colors.
  • It is available in many sizes.
  • There are many happy customers across the US.
Cons of buying PRETTYGARDEN Women's Off Shoulder Romper
  • The international delivery option is not available.

  1. CQC Women’s Sleeveless Shirts: It is one of the best women’s sleeveless golf shirts


  • It has 100% Polyester.
  • It has / UPF 50+
  • It has a button closure.
  • It could be dried quickly.
  • The fabric is stretchable.
  • It pulls moisture from your body and keeps you cool and dry.
  • It is sleeveless.
  • It is excellent for any sport- golf, tennis, workout, etc.
  • It has a button-front placket.
  • It offers UPF 50+ sun protection.
  • It has the highest quality.
  • It is perfect for golf, walking, tennis, running, hiking, or outdoor sports.

Pros of buying CQC Women's Sleeveless Shirts
  • There are many happy customers across the US.
  • It has been ranked as #2,901 in Sports & Outdoors on Amazon
  • It has been ranked as #3 in Women’s Sports Polo Shirts on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #24 in Women’s Polo Shirts on Amazon.
  • It has been ranked as #3 in Women’s Golf Shirts on Amazon.
  • The size chart is available.
  • It has received 4.2-star ratings on Amazon.
Cons of buying CQC Women's Sleeveless Shirts
  • There is not a single video available.
  • It can’t be dry cleaned.
  • No international delivery option is available.

We give high-fi to all of these products as they have received 4-star and more ratings and amongst the favorite dresses. 

 What are customers saying about Machoyes Clothing?

As we all know that people always research and try to find out the deals while shopping online. We also tried to find out the Machoyes Clothing Reviews to advise as per the reviews’ availability.

But we are saying this, that the no review availability makes us having a suspect of the web store. Though the web store is very young, it is still not having accessed by many buyers. This would lead to having a low trust index amongst the customers.

Final Verdict:

The above facts, like no available Machoyes Clothing Reviews by customers, lack of contact information, very early age of web store, and no owner’s name availability, directs us to think about this. Thus, we conclude that if you wish to buy such stuff, you can try any legit websites.

We are not guiding our readers but also advising them to have a safe purchase to have utilized their money in a significant way. We value our reader’s time, money, and feel responsible for guiding them.

Kindly share your reviews in the comment section below.


    1. Want to get screwed over by a company? Order from this company. They do not have a return policy regardless of what they say. It is a scam. Their clothes are s*** their products do not look like they should. They will not fit you like they should. I have been fighting through emails trying to figure out how to return things for over a month and a half. They want me to pay for shipping to send it back to China. That wasn’t in the fine print. I hope you go out of business.

  1. NOPE! I am so bummed because I thought I investigated the company well enough before I purchased.
    They ship straight from China and will not give you a refund. I have had 7 email exchanges with them asking for a refund and they refuse to tell me the address to return the items to and only offer me a 6$ credit instead of the 80$ I spent.
    I have filed complaints with them everyplace I can.
    Oh, do you like polyester shiny sweatshirts and shirts? I don’t. That’s what their clothing is made of. THINK SHINY

  2. Why aren’t you posting my review I wrote about a week ago now???
    I’ve already sent a message to you asking about this through your contact site and it still is not posted???

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