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Mahindra Xuv 900 Price in India (Aug) Check Details Here >> Let us learn all the details that we know about this upcoming and a first of its kind car to be launched in this country.

Did you hear about the new Mahindra XUV 900 SUV Coupe to be launched soon in India? Naturally, people are excited and want to know its expected features and price. And thus, we bring you this article!

It is said that Mahindra has recently trademarked a couple of nameplates for its upcoming cars like the XUV 100, XUV 700, and XUV 900.

To know the estimated Mahindra Xuv 900 Price in India, keep reading!

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What is Mahindra XUV 900?

While the XUV 700 will compete for the upcoming Alcazar and Innova Crysta, the XUV 100 and XUV 900 will be Mahindra’s mini cars. 

It is said that XUV 100 will be a mini-SUV, and XUV 900 will be Mahindra’s SUV Coupe.

The company first illustrated the idea of an SUV Coupe in its Auto Expo in 2016. Based on the Aero concept, it was said that Mahindra would launch its XUV Aero (showcased in the 2016 Expo) as Mahindra XUV 900 SUV Coupe. 

We will reveal some of the specific features and Mahindra Xuv 900 Price in India further in this article.

Key facts that we know about XUV 900:

While we do not know the exact features of this soon-to-be-launched car, here are some key facts:

  • First SUV Coupe in India: while the concept of an SUV Coupe is not new to this world, Mahindra has long wanted to launch such a car in India. Thus, this will be the first Mahindra SUV Coupe in the country.
  • Based on Aero concept: first seen in the 2016 expo, Mahindra XUV 900 will be based on the same concept. It will have suicide doors, front fenders pronounced as hoods, a muscular rear bumper with faux diffusers, a downward-sloping roofline, and horizontally positioned tail lamps. And for Mahindra Xuv 900 Price in India, keep reading!
  • Engine from XUV 700: while the XUV 700 is also set to launch, it is probable that the SUV Coupe will feature the same 2.0 L mStallion petrol and 2.2 L mHawk diesel engine but with increased powers. 
  • Premium Interior: The interiors of the new XUV 900 will be premium and feature-packed. While it might take the dashboard and the front seats from the Aero concept, the car will likely have connected car tech, a new infotainment unit, and various other comfort features.

You can look at this YouTube video from the 2016 Auto Expo Aero Concept by clicking on the link.

What is Mahindra Xuv 900 Price in India?

The car is expected to hit the showrooms in the country after 2024, and thus, we have its estimated price value by looking at the things we know.

It is believed that the car will cost 20 -25 Lakh INR. 


The new Mahindra XUV 900 will be a fully-featured SUV Coupe and a first of its kind to be launched. 

While it will be entirely based on the Aero concept seen at the Auto Expo in 2016, the car will include a couple of things taken directly from the XUV 700.

You would now know the Mahindra Xuv 900 Price in India, and we hope the information was helpful!

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