Make a Career in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Ultimate Guide

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Make a Career in Hospitality and Tourism Management: Hospitality and tourism management in short is the study of the hospitality industry. The industry is huge and has a very broad category – event planning, transportation, lodging, cruise line, airlines, theme parks, and many others. People who are part of the hospitality industry are responsible for helping tourists and business travelers with their entire stay while they are traveling, making it a home-away-from-home experience.

The most common type of properties that hospitality managers oversee includes retail, private transportation, casinos, bars, etc. Another unique trait of this industry is that it offers varied job profiles; you could be a chef, working as a hotel staff at the front office, Director, to business manager, and a lot more. Therefore, a career in the hospitality industry would be great for you if you are someone who likes to attend to people and help them have a heckle-free and enjoyable time. 

Hotel management jobs due to their varied nature demand multiple skillsets like front office, sales, food and beverage, marketing, accounting, etc. Many institutes around the globe offer certificate, diplomas as well as degree programs to help students train and be ready to work in the hospitality industry. 

Popular jobs in the hospitality industry

Let us go through some of the most common job profiles in the hospitality industry – 

Hotel manager:

  • Hotel managers are responsible for the proper functioning of the day-to-day activities of a hotel and all its operations. They supervise cleanliness, aesthetics, food quality, the ambiance of hotel rooms, etc. Generally, hotel managers oversee the operations of various teams from different departments. 

Food and Beverage Manager

  • F&B managers are responsible for overseeing, planning, and organizing services that are associated with catering. They are responsible for taking care of all dining operations at the basic level,

Restaurant Managers

A restaurant manager oversees the daily functions of a restaurant serving food to customers. It may not necessarily always be for a big hotel chain. Restaurant managers are responsible for the supply of essential products and their procurement for running the restaurant.  


Chefs work both at small restaurants and big hotels, and their career usually depends on how good and big a restaurant they are working with. Their culinary skills are put to test on a daily basis and are a very taxing job as they cater to so many people. 

Floor supervisors

Floor supervisors need to oversee the smooth functioning of each floor and the rooms. 

Steward: Stewards investigate the finer details in a restaurant such as the linen, cutlery, decoration, etc. 

Accounting and marketing 

Professionals working in this field oversee the accounting and marketing operations of a hotel or resort that they are managing. Chartered accountants are needed to perform the accounting jobs while marketers manage the marketing jobs of the establishment. 


There are many job profiles in the hotel industry where you can do different jobs like working at its engineering department, IT, or finance department, etc. 

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