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Manga Hero Boku No 329 (Oct) Know About The Character!

Gaming Tips Manga Hero Boku No 329
What will be in Manga Hero Boku No 329? The storyline is getting more and more interesting. Know the latest update with the confirmed release date below.

Do you love to read manga? If yes, then this article is for you.

For people who don’t know manga, it is an anime-based comic, which originated in Japan. In today’s world, this comic series has accumulated Worldwide appreciation and has millions of strong fan bases in major countries outside Japan.

Today, we have brought some latest news on Manga Hero Boku No 329, its release date, and much more. So keep reading so know some unknown updates about this chapter-

About Manga Hero Boku:

First, let’s know about this comic story a little bit- The ‘My Hero Academia’ comic series is one of the greatest hit Japanese manga based on a superhero storyline. The manga is a brainchild of Kōhei Horikoshi, the renowned manga artist. The story is based on a boy with no superpower, but he dreams of having a superpower. The series turns interesting when this boy is scouted by the greatest hero in Japan, All might. Let’s check out the latest update-   

Manga Hero Boku No 329- The release date:

Following the latest update published on different media, the new chapter has already been launched on 6th October 2021, on ‘Weekly Shonen Jump’ magazine. However, the official release hasn’t been made. As per the reports, the chapter released on 6th October is a raw-scan copy; therefore, it is only available in the Japanese language.

For the international fans Worldwide, don’t be upset- the latest news has revealed that the English version of chapter 329 will be released on 9th October 2021. However, the official release of the Manga Hero Boku No 329 will take place on 10th October 2021, as per the recent update.

What will be the storyline in this new chapter?

In the previous chapter, the story showed us the rejoining of Deku in the U.A. High and attending classes. Plus, if you have read this 328 chapter, you may know about the civilians’ protest against the Deku’s rejoining event due to civilians treating Deku as a kid. Moreover, a murder also takes place by stain, and he confirms that the man is a monster; however, battling for justice. 

In Manga Hero Boku No 329, there is a high possibility of introducing some new anime characters. Previously, the chapter was paused in a scenario where the hero’s assembly had taken place at the ‘International Headquarter.’ Hence, in chapter 329, you may enjoy some new additions of international superheroes.

Spoiler Warning:

  • In the upcoming chapter, there will be a new plan of battling villains by international heroes.
  • The reader will know the truth behind the character stain.
  • Manga lovers will know whether Shigaraki will come back or not.


My Hero Academia is one of the anticipated manga series among international manga lovers. As per the manga news, you don’t have to wait much to enjoy it, as Manga Hero Boku No 329 will be released on 10th October 2021. You can know the latest update by reading this blog. Still, do you have any queries? Mention below.

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