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Mannie Elephant [June] – Pros & Cons of Shopping Here

Mannie Elephant 2020

Mannie Elephant [June] – Pros & Cons of Shopping Here -> Read this article if you are searching for a stuffed toy for kids.

Are you a young parent and looking for a plush and skin safe toy for your kid? Then you must invest in the Mannie toy

We know kids will leave their toys when they turn into teens. But as babies, the teddy bear helps them feel safe and also soothe them. It is known that babies sleep better when something safe is next to them, and a soft and plush stuffed animal has a similar effect. 

Mannie Elephant Reviews tell you about one such stuffed animal was explicitly designed to suit your baby’s needs. The product comes from a United State based company. 

You will also find out if the brand provides contact details, specifications and even pros and cons of purchasing in this Mannie Elephant Reviews. 

What is Mannie Elephant? 

As the name suggests, it is a lovable elephant stuffed toy. The design is such that it wraps around your baby while he/she sleeps. The stuffed toy’s material is soft and will cause no harm to your baby’s skin. 

The stuffed elephant is available in 4 colours- blue, grey, pink and purple. They claim that the toy will soothe your child every night. They are also claiming that it was designed to create a bond of affection and care with kids which will make them feel safe. 

We don’t know if the claims made by Mannieelephant.Com are valid or not as they do not provide any research material on the official site. There are also no reviews regarding the toy available. 

What is unique about Mannie Elephant? 

The best thing about Mannie Elephant has to be the fact that its make up is a super soft material. Looking at the pictures available on the official site will tell you that the plush toy is adjustable in a way that it wraps around the baby’s body. 

If the baby is sleeping on a bed, the stuffed toy will save your child from falling off the bed. It is also huggable which could make it the best sleeping or playing companion for your baby, toddler or kids. 

When it comes to our little ones, we only want things of premium quality and safe skin materials. The company promises that its product is as soft as it is cosy. Its ability in a comfortable shape around your child makes Mannie Elephant unique. 

Specifications of Mannie Elephant

  • Product- soft stuffed toy 
  • Website-
  • Email- not provided 
  • Phone number- not available 
  • Delivery time- it is different for different countries 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned 
  • Exchange policies- a detailed procedure available on the site 
  • Returns- follow the process mentioned on the site 
  • Refunds- only in case of the defective product 
  • Online Payment- can be made master or visa card, JCB, Apple pay, AMEX, etc. 

Pros of purchasing Mannie Elephant

  • Mannie Elephant has been creatively designed 
  • It factors in the needs of a baby 
  • The toy is made of premium quality fabric 
  • The official site is providing an 80% discount 
  • Will make an excellent gift for a new or growing baby 
  • They provide clear and concise shipping details 
  • Exchange policies are detailed 

Cons of purchasing Mannie Elephant

  • The contact details are amiss 
  • No details if their claims are backed up by a scientific study 
  • There is only one product available on the site 
  • The site seems to be new 
  • They do not mention what fabric used to make the stuffed elephant 
  • No address of company provided, this is suspicious 

Customer reviews of Mannie Elephant 

Numerous online sites claim that scientific studies mention of teddy bears not being safe for a baby. They say that it is best to give a child who is about a year old the soft toy. It will reduce the chance of the child suffocating or any other major accidents. 

The Mannie Elephant claims the toy is perfect for a baby, but the head may shape differently if you use the bear as a pillow. The Mannie Elephant site seems to be new and lacks necessary information about the toy. 

There are no reviews available on the official site or online since it is new. 

Final Verdict- 

We want to conclude that the toy is perfect for a child above the age of 18 months. By that age, a child has developed some sense of motor movement and can move the toy around. That being said, we would like to add that the site is safe to make purchases from. 

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