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Marni Store Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Malicious Site?


Marni Store Reviews (Jan 2021) Is It A Malicious Site? >> Please read this honest review which will help you check the new website’s necessary details, which looks suspicious.

Marni Store Reviews: In earlier days, people used to visit stores and make purchases. But such is not the scenario these days. We see thousands of people getting dependent on online means these days. Either it is our daily needs items or something else. And especially during the pandemic, almost half of the world’s population is dependent on online methods to make their daily purchases. 

It is a store based in the United States. How safe is this site to visit and make purchases? Find out in this detailed article which considers pros and cons, specifications and detailed description of all the products before giving you a final verdict. Let us start the discussion to get the answer to Is Marni Store Legit?

About The Website 

Marni store is such a site that sells items for the home. They sell coffee tables, beds, utensils, home furniture, and other accessories for your house. The site claims to sell custom products according to your choice and deliver them to your doorstep anywhere in the United States.

 They also claim that they could bring the best kind of content in the community to us. The site doesn’t contain any physical address. Neither mentioned any social media handles on their website. And this cannot be a good sign to show the legitimacy of the website. 

Without a doubt, we will dig deeper and give you complete Marni Store Reviews to judge this site for yourself. Read further to find out the specific information about the website. 


  1. Website:
  2. Products: Home accessories like bedside tables, coffee tables, beds, cooking utensils, and more 
  3. Processing duration – 20 business days
  4. Delivery- 20 business days
  5. Email-
  6. Phone number- None. 
  7. Address – Not mentioned. 
  8. Return – within 14 days of purchase. 
  9. Exchange – not mentioned. 
  10. Customer reviews – Unsatisfactory reviews on Google and various other social media sites. 
  11. Refund policy – Initiated a few days after receipt of the returned product at their end. 
  12. Payment method – PayPal and credit cards.
  13. Domain creation date – 21st January 2021. 

Marni Store Pros 

  • The collection is useful to look at and purchase. 
  • According to Marni Store Reviews, the website assures the best quality of products they deal with.
  • The website doesn’t seem to have any duplicated content or pages. 
  • The website is tagged under HTTPS, which means that it is safe to visit. 

The Cons 

  • Absence of any social media handles on the website. 
  • Lack of good reviews on the website or the search engines. 
  • The site has been launched very recently, which is on 21st January 2021. 
  • No physical address is mentioned anywhere on the search engine or the website. 
  • No exact details are available about the payment and other policies.

Is Marni Store Legit? 

There are more cons to the website than there are pros. It brings us to the conclusion that Marni Store appears highly suspicious to us. The absence of social media accounts on the site, lack of reviews, physical address, and insufficient content makes us wonder if this is because the site is relatively new. 

Although the site has registered recently, the trust index is only 1%, which is not a good sign to trust the site. Therefore, the website seems suspicious, has many sites with similar names are available on the internet.

Marni Store Reviews 

The site is too new, and getting feedback in a short period is highly unexpected. The survey says that several websites with a similar name can drag you towards fraud.The original website dealing with furniture and home utensils does not have any satisfying reviews on the internet.Therefore we do not recommend you to visit the site with such a low trust.

The Conclusion 

We advise you to stay away from this site because it looks highly suspicious to us. It is always much advisable to be safe before regretting later. There exist lots of other websites available on the internet for purchasing your home accessories. 

Marni Store Reviews states that despite the availability of various products or all the pros, this site does not match our expectations, and it might not be safe to put your money here. This article has based on the research. And we always advise you to do your research before investing money anywhere on the internet. Be safe, be informed. 

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