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If you are a westerner, you are undoubtedly excited about the times lying ahead of you. It is the season to go shopping and buy some cool and exciting stuff. As a shopping enthusiast, you will have the list prepared well in advance. And in COVID times, online shopping has become an all-time favourite.

In countries such as the United Kingdom, there are many online stores where people go shopping. is one such online store where you can shop a wide range of boots and footwear for people of all ages at reasonable prices.But before you start shopping from this online store, we will find out if the website is legit or a scam by going through Reviews.

What is is an online store that displays information about a wide range of footwear, especially boots. You can find different varieties of leather boots, Chelsea boots, and sandals over here. Due to festive seasons, it offers a whooping 75-80% discount, which is likely to lure online shoppers profoundly.

In the United Kingdom, where thick snow patches are quite evident during the winter, it is essential to have good quality books so that walking on the snow becomes easy.Before you initiate shopping, let us know a little more about the website by going through Reviews.

Specifications of

  • URL link: .
  • No address and contact details found.
  • As per the store’s shipping and return policy, packaging takes 24 hrs. for general goods and 3-5 business days for customized goods.
  • The product will be delivered at the recipient’s address in 5-8 business days.
  • This site’s internet domain was created on 3rd Nov 2020, i.e., the website is just 53 days old.
  • DNS records reveal that and host the site.
  • Varius payment methods available such as Visa, Amex, Master Card and others. 

Pros of

  • As per the Reviews, you can avail a vast range of boots and sandals.
  • It offers a great deal of discount owing to the festivities.
  • You will get the benefit of free shipping if you have placed an order below 34 euros.

Cons of

  • It does not have any phone no., email address, or mailing address.
  • There are serious doubts about the website’s authenticity because it is merely one month and 24 days old.
  • It does not have any ranking on Alexa. It means that website is unknown.
  • There have been complaints reported about the quality of the product. As per many Reviews, the quality is inferior and not worth a penny.
  • From a cybersecurity viewpoint, the website is not at all secure.
  • The owner of the Martensboots. Shop’s URL is alleged as private, which makes it highly dubious.
  • Even though it has shipped and return policy, it does not mention anything about customer service care.

Is It Legit? claims to offer the best quality footwear at great discounts. This information is likely to draw significant attention.However, after scrutinizing the website, it has been found that the site does not have any contact information. If you look for web pages, you are going to find one hardly.  Besides this, the return policy of the site is not at all understandable as the count of return days vary in each case. All of the aforementioned factors indicate that the website is spurious and suspicious.

What are people’s opinions?

Even though the store claims to offer huge discounts, people have strongly complained about the pathetic quality of the product. The site does not have an email address where a complaint can be reported. 

Also, some of the claims have hinted out that the store is promoting cheap brands. The durability of the product is a huge matter of concern. Many reviews say that the products (shoes) have not lasted for more than three months.All these facts indeed indicate that Reviews is a scam.


If you look at the main page, you will get the awe-struck courtesy of the boots and sandals that you are going to see. What will amaze you more are the terrific discounts!But the absence of the contact information, popularity, and suitable web pages will make this website untrustworthy. There have been serious complaints reported against the product quality by the customers.

In case, if you are planning to purchase anything through this online store, it is not at all advisable to buy it before exploring it well deeply.Feel free to post your comments about Reviews if you had any experience dealing with this store.

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