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The article is about the story of Martial Peak 1528 chapter. If you want to know in brief, then please read below.

Do you read Manga comics and are excited about the chapters releasing? With the internet boom, these days manga is not limited to the magazine. But you can also enjoy digital reading, visuals, and audio. People Worldwide are comic lovers who always search for twists and turns in their favourite series.

So, have you read the manga Martial Peak? If yes, then who is your favourite character in this novel? Let us explore more in brief about the Martial Peak 1528 chapter.

What is Martial Peak?

The path to the martial peak is isolated, solitary, and lengthy. You must survive and remain firm in the face of difficulties. Only then you will be able to crack through and persist in your quest to become powerful.

“High Heaven Pavilion” places its adherents through the toughest tests to prepare them for this type of journey. Kai Yang, a lowly sweeper, was successful in obtaining a black book one day, which took him to the pinnacle of the martial arts world.

We will know about Martial Peak 1528 chapter, but do you know about Kai Yang? Let us see who is Kai Yang here

Who is Kai Yang?

Kai Yang was the 9th member of the Yang family. His family belongs to the great Han Dynasty. During his early age at the High Heaven Pavilion, Yang was weak. But as he began cultivating, his appearance and personality became calm and confident.

He was arrogant for the enemies, but in contrast, he was generous and caring for friends and family. He got a Black Book which has the history of the great Demon creator. In addition, during the cave trip, he also obtained Ancestor’s Dragon Origin.

Martial Peak 1528- a brief detail:

Yang Kai does not know where Liang Yong is. In this strange place, it appears that there are only a dozen people and none other. If Yang Kai broke the formation one by one, the entire army would be destroyed. The man in his forties was about to fly through the white clouds. Everyone’s eyes were on a monster Beast with a massive head and appearance.

It does not emit Monster Qi and only retains the Wild Lion form. The energy fluctuations emitted within the body are on par with that of an elderly Wild Lion!

Martial Peak 1528- continued:

Yang Kai has finally figured out what the hell that formation is. With The Light Diffraction Plate, the soul is sealed within it, allowing it to be a part of the Void Return 3-layer. Yang Kai’s Spiritual Mind commands one Cloud Beast to attack the enemy mercilessly.

It is not difficult for him to control the powerful Cloud Beasts with his majestic and powerful Spiritual Mind. A Dark Green Huge Dragon appeared in front of Yang Kai, opening his mouth and making the loud Dragon Roar sound.


We have given a summary of Martial Peak 1528. People are crazy about this manga; even you should also read it. We know it is never too late to begin, so start from the beginning. The series consists of more than 6000 chapters. We hope you like this write-up about the manga. Read all chapters of Martial Peak in detail.  

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