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Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam (Aug) Stay Alert!

The guide shares comprehensive details about the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam and methods to stay protected.  

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd or MSIL needs no introduction as it is the largest carmaker and seller in India. Any development made by the carmaker quickly become trending news across the nation. The company was founded in 1981, exactly forty years ago, with headquarter in the national capital. 

Since the company has entered its 40th Anniversary, scammers are taking advantage of it to scam the innocent residents of the country. We will be discussing the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam news circulating online.     

What is 40th Anniversary Scam News All About?

Maruti Suzuki is the largest car-selling and carmaker in India. It is headquartered in New Delhi. The company was founded on 24th Feb 1981, and it has completed its 40th Anniversary this year. 

Taking advantage of its 40th Anniversary celebration online scammers are now sending text messages and emails to the residents to steal their personal and financial details. However, the news of the Maruti Suzuki Anniversary Scam started circulating online soon after it was released. 

There is no confirmation about the 40th Anniversary celebration from the company, and hence it seems to be a scam. The scam news reaches millions of users across the nation in a matter of minutes to prevent them from getting scammed by online fraudsters.

The scam is to dupe the internet users by alluring them for commemorative offers and rewards. The scammers are sending messages with a suspicious link to steal the confidential information of the recipients. 

The Truth about Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam

As mentioned, the news of the anniversary scam is true as the company has not confirmed any such celebration or rewards for the customers on its 40th Anniversary. Some of the other pointers that make the news a scam are:

  • Maruti Suzuki India LTD has not published any press release confirming the 40th Anniversary celebration. So, the news circulating online about the 40th Anniversary celebration is a scam. 
  • The link in the message is from an unknown number comprising suspicious links. It redirects the users to a suspicious website that is not associated with the company. So, the Maruti Suzuki Anniversary 2021 news is a real scam. 
  • Users are asked to share their personal and financial details on the website. Maruti Suzuki respects the privacy of their customers and will never ask for personal or bank details to offer exciting offers and rewards.          

These are the points that make the anniversary celebration news a scam and not legit. 

What to Do When you Get the Scam Message?

If you receive the scam message from fraudsters, ensure to follow the below steps. 

  • Never click on the suspicious link you received in the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam message.   
  • Evaluate the authenticity of the number that sent you the scam message.
  • Block the number and get your number registered in DND services.
  • Report the scam message to the cyber security department or cyber police of your state. 
  • Check with the bank for any suspicious activity in your account.


Maruti Suzuki Indian LTD has completed its successful 40 years of commission. Now scammers are taking advantage of it and sending scam messages and claiming to offer exciting gifts in exchange for personal and financial details.

But, you must not follow the Maruti Suzuki 40th Anniversary Scam message and report it immediately. Instead, ensure to learn the tips to stay protected from Online Scams.

Did you receive the scam message? What measures have you taken? Would you mind sharing them in the comment box? 

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