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Maskdhealth com Reviews {May} Is It Scam or Not?

Maskdhealth com Reviews 2020

Maskdhealth com Reviews {May} Is It Scam or Not? >> This review report provides you with a detailed explanation like specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback of the site in question.

Do you also feel that the airborne particles are your biggest enemies? Then, get a protection layer for all your friends and family members from Maskdhealth.

Several websites in the market today provide ample options for face masks. But Maskdhealth offers you one of the best face masks in this segment at an affordable price.

Due to the increasing global warming, the Ozone layer has depleted, and the number of dust particles in our surroundings are rising tremendously.

To fight these pollutants and save our family from diseases like Asthma, Bronchitis, and other lung diseases, one needs to take extra precautions. To begin with, wearing a face mask following the standard protocol is a must.

Maskdhealth com Reviews tell us that the site is doing exceptionally well in the United States and can cater to a broad audience. The site is only 6-months old but has successfully created 50,000 masks for frontline hospitals and clinic workers.

The product is also sold on another legit site, thereby, increasing the trust factor and clarifying a few doubts in the minds of the customers.

Although, a few other customers might raise questions about the site and ask: Is Maskdhealth com Legit? Or not?. So let’s review that first.

Is Maskdhealth com Legit?

Maskdhealth online portal is registered recently in April 2020. And the site is less than 6-months old. As a result of which, it has gathered a few negative responses.

The owner of the website is unknown.

These are some of the red flags which put the authenticity of the site in jeopardy.

Therefore, we would like you to go through the entire blog before you buy any item from this website.

What is Maskdhealth?

Maskdhealth is a new online portal selling face masks at a discounted rate. The site has already provided 50,000 masks for professionals and takes the initiative to donate 10% of all transactions to feed the poor and underprivileged.

The face mask is made up of 100% Cotton and anti-microbial fabric. It is washable and re-usable.

Unlike some other masks, it does not contain incorporate uncomfortable nose-piece so that they wear it for longer periods.

Why is Maskdhealth so unique?

To fight the minuscule microbes and infections in the air, a mask with very efficient filtration is mandatory.

Maskdhealth face covers are designed with a high-quality anti-microbial filter at a reasonable price. They are skin-friendly and machine-washable. Hence, they can be re-used 20 times after purchase.

The site provides you with a detailed guideline on how to use the face mask.

Let us now discuss the specifications, pros, cons, and customer feedback about the site.

Specifications of Maskdhealth:

  • Product- Face masks
  • Email-
  • Contact number- (954) 734-9988 
  • Shipping/processing time- 1-2 business days
  • Delivery time- Not specified
  • Shipping fee- charged depending on the location of delivery
  • Exchange/returns – No policy
  • Refunds- No clarification
  • Mode of payment- All debit and credit cards

Pros of Maskdhealth:

  • Good quality face covers with anti-microbial filtration
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Lucrative offers on all masks
  • Made up of soft cotton fabric
  • Washable and re-usable
  • Quick delivery

Cons of Maskdhealth:

  • Trust issues due to recent registry
  • The unknown author of the site
  • Unbelievable prices
  • No background on this website
  • Lack of information on the portal

Customer reviews on Maskdhealth:

As mentioned earlier, the site is performing well in the United States and has built great networking with all its customers.

But there are a few red flags which create confusion in the minds of the customers.

Some of these customers are suspicious about the authenticity of the site due to the recent registry of the same.

A few other customers are doubtful because of the unrealistic discounts offered by this site.

Final Verdict:

The site has a strong social presence on Instagram. And the product seems to be promising and unique when compared to those available on other contemporary websites.

The excellent initiative of donating 10% of all transactions to feed the poor, helps to gain the trust of the customers.

But one needs to carefully consider the red flags raised due to the latest registry before placing an order on this online store.

Therefore, we would like you to analyze this site cautiously before sharing any personal information with them.

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  1. I ordered the black/white set to be able to help some of the elderly in my community who can’t find any. After I ordered them I went to look at the reviews and found there were many “Review” sites that would not recommend ordering from this company due to they were 1) new to the scene, 2) unable to identify the owner, and 3) unable to determine where they were shipping from. I began to wonder if I would ever see the masks. I was able to find and address implying they were shipping from Florida. I also found a mideastern sounding name of someone shipping them.

    I do not know if these are being made in a sweatshop somewhere or where the money is actually going, but the product arrived in less than a week and they appear to be well made. The only negative comment I would make is the the ear loops are a bit big for me. They will probably fit other people better, but I have already been able to adjust it for myself. I have decided I will get extra small rubber bands and put them in the baggies when I give them away so people can shorten the ear loops without sewing by pinching off a section of the ear loop and securing it with the rubber band. I know that seems odd, but I am just trying to help people. I just thought I’d let you know.

  2. This company had their masks for sale on Etsy, so I purchased a pack there so I’d have some recourse if there were problems. Though now they are not selling through Etsy anymore. But I got my masks within 5 days, all uniform white. Nothing special (no nose wire or filter pocket) but as described. So I had a good experience.

  3. I got a pack of white ones, I’ve worn and washed one with good result. I was also able to sew an applique on another one in hopes of encouraging my mother to wear it. So far I’m happy with them and they did come quickly.

  4. Beware of this website. We placed three orders (20 masks, 200 masks and a full case of 600 masks) and received three shipments of masks but none with the correct number of masks (10/20, 40/200 and 10/600) but were charged full amounts plus high expedited shipping charges. Suspiciously the 10 masks that arrived on the 600 mask order were in a small envelope but the UPS label incorrectly identified the package as weighing 22 pounds. Trying to get refunds now. Masks that did arrive are nice but we are missing over 600 masks!!!

  5. I received my mask in a very timely fashion. I ordered the black and white masks. I washed the mask in cold water before wear. The masks are on the small size and made of t shirt material.

  6. I just received a pack of 10 masks from them in only 2 days!! They are well made, though the ear loops are a little big for me. I read on a website this mask company was started by a college student. That’s why I purchased these in particular.

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