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Maskkkk.Com Review [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

Maskkkk.Com Review [April] – Is It A Legit Website? >> Reading this post will help you in knowing about its legitimacy. Know about available products, customer reviews and quality of offered service.

The online website is an opportunity for all those who want to order any product by sitting at one place. It also helps anyone to choose the product, its size, color according to the requirement. If anyone doesn’t like any product from any online store, then they can move to another online store. Many online websites give online customers different varieties and qualities of the product. But what if any site is fake?

Online buyers should know few facts before purchasing any product online, like whether the website is safe and secure for a transaction or not, about website officials address their email Id and telephone numbers. Because it is easy to make a fake website by software, but sometimes it becomes difficult to trace the legitimacy of the website.

As today’s the whole world is in havoc, especially the United State facing from dangerous virus, it is essential to be safe. Washing hands on a daily routine, maintain social distance, and wearing a mask are a few of the crucial points to keep in mind. There are many websites selling mask to protect people from virus impact like maskkkk.com at a cheap rate.

Only a few articles are available and related to this maskkkk website, which is not enough to rectify the legitimacy of the website. In this article, we will share maskkkk.com review with you covering all the viable points.

What is maskkkk.com?

It is a Chinese website that sells masks which is not only help to keep ourselves safe from cold-19 but also various other diseases like flu, cold, and various contagious diseases. According to the website, they are selling masks at a very cheap rate so that they can reach out to maximum people who are in need. They are ready to take orders in bulk, like for a wholesale. If you order these masks in bulk, then the extra discount is an offer by the company.

The company is giving a massive discount on each mask-like; if you buy one, you will get one mask for free, which means you will save a flat $30. Those who are placing order more than five pieces then the company is providing free shipping from them. The company is also giving seven days to test this product, which means if you found the product is damaged, then you can change it. You can also be asked for a refund.

The policy applies to those customers who will place their order in bulk or wholesale. The company replaces the defective piece; the website is using the SSL server, which is safe form any server attackers. But you will not find any social media account of maskkkk.com,which is not a good sign any company is giving their services for such a noble cause.

According to a few of the customers and maskkkk reviews by a few customers is found negative. The website is not working correctly and seems to be fake, so online buyers should avoid such kinds of spam sites.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of maskkkk.com)

Pros of maskkkk.com

  •       Mask is available at low cost
  •       You can also buy the mask in bundle less than the wholesale rate
  •       Free delivery if you order more than five-piece

Con of maskkkk.com

  • The website does not seem to be legit
  • Mask is available at heap rate to lower then market price
  • The site does not have an account on Facebook or any other social media
  • The company is not showing its real address
  • The only way to contact them is by email
  • There is no cash on delivery option for such a noble cause
  • The website is hiding its identity
  • There is not much information is available over the internet of the maskkk.com website
  • It is having trust issues and not secure for customers

Return and Exchange policy

  • The company is giving seven days trial so that if you receive any defective product, you can return it.
  • All the amount will be refunded if you receive any garbage product
  • There is no cash on the delivery option so the customer should not expect for that
  • No cancellation after the product is sold
  • A used, and the defective item is not acceptable because of hygienic reason


The article is about the website name maskkkk.com; all the information is to people aware of the legitimacy of the website. We are not advertising the website to buy their product and also not wants to defame it by any means. The whole purpose is to people aware. The rest is up to you.

0 thoughts on “Maskkkk.Com Review [April] – Is It A Legit Website?

  1. Thank you for your review and information.
    I did place an order at maskkkk.com on March 31st. I became became concerned when it did not arrive in a few days as expected. I had used PayPal and felt that lent some legitimacy to the company. But the delivery process seemed pretty questionable since the Fed Ex tracking number said shipment was pending and not shipping even though the company claimed it was. Also after I started inquiring, PayPal sent me service message saying that the supplier had reported that the order was in shipment but that seemed contrary to the Fed Ex tracking # info. I did send an email message to the company, at their questionable hotmail address, and did receive several that the order had been shipped but they were having trouble getting the FedEx plane to leave China and it would arrive in a few days. They assured me in broken English this was not a scam and to be patient it would arrive in a few days. Sure enough the order arrived yesterday April 8th via Fed Ex with no notice. The masks are of expected quality and have FDA certification logo on the label. Not sure that is real but I am satisfied with the quality and am very glad to have been able to order these and they arrived.Almost no one has mask availability in US right now because all need to go to health care workers. I had no idea they were shipping directly from China. Somehow the company pulled that off. Now the Website is down and says the shop is no longer available. I have no idea if this company is legit or not. They come off as a novice entrepreneurial endeavour. Don’t know if that is possible or real in China. But they did manage to do what they promised to do and deliver the order. Hopefully using PayPal protected my financial information.

  2. Well, i had the SAME problems as the consumer above. I filed a complaint with the resolution dept. at Pay{Pal. Maskkk wanted me to remove the complaint and basically chase down FedEX to find my shipment. The masks finally did arrive and once I opened the package the masks reeked of toxic fumes. I notified them immediately and them there was a barrage of nonsense excuses for the masks. I was told to air them out for 2-3 days and then i could use them. This company had the gall to tell me our hospitals use their masks. I told them i wanted a full refund and they could pay to have the masks returned to them. I do not view this company as legit or honest. They suddenly disappeared off line and closed their store. I am thankful PAYPAL intercedded on my behalf and i am receiving a full refund. The masks are in the garbage, The unknown chemical smell of those masks leaves me concerned for my health.

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