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Mason New Mystery Box Review (Feb) Authentic Or Scam?

Mason New Mystery Box Review 2021.

Mason New Mystery Box Review (Feb) Authentic Or Scam? >> Please buy amazing mystery boxes from an online gift store after reading our review and get to know about its legitimacy.

So excited to buy Mystery boxes from ‘The Amazing Mystery Box’ shopping site? Please check Mason New Mystery Box Review.

Whether it’s a birthday party, a wedding event, or afamily get together, people love to get gifts or surprises. The amazing Mystery box was introduced at Comic-Con London in October 2015. It offers secretwrapped gift boxes, which generally include games, toys, clothes, and muchmore. The trends of giving presents at small events are majorly popular in the United States. Now, these kinds of activities are also spreading its roots inthe neighboring countries.

But you must want to know what’s inside the Mystery Box?Right? Is this e-store genuine to spend our money? Leave your tension herebecause this article will give accurate answers to your real question. Makesure to be on the page. Let’s begin with the introduction.

What’s inside of the Amazing Mystery Box?

The amazing Mystery box is the sister company of Langleys Toys. It was started in 1883 and offered numerous gaming items, toys, or apparel. It has been gaining massive popularity in the United States.

Mason New Mystery Box Reviewstates that the website runsa subscription service. If you go for a £24.99 box, you will get fully licensedapparel such as unisex clothes and two significant products that might be anaction figure, including bags, etc.

You will access mugs, books, notebooks, andaudio books-related products in the secondary items service. The company alsooffers some novelty products such as key rings, pens, gift cards, and more. Itallows you to choose the thing which can be changed during the subscription.

Surprised? But that’s not an end. It has much more sobeen with Mason New Mystery Box Review.


  • Website URL:
  • Domain Creation Date: 12/10/2016
  • Product: Gifts items (clothes, games, toys, or stationery)
  • Delivery Time: During the mid of the month; from 18th to 20th.
  • Shipping Mode: All the boxes send through Royal Mail, UPS, or recognized courier service.
  • Physical Store Address: It has four shops, as mentioned on the official website
  • Payment: PAYPAL and card payments.
  • Email:
  • Phone Number: + 44 (0) 1442 259 612

The amazing Mystery box has fantasticbenefits along with few negatives. Please don’t rush to buy before reading till theend of Mason New Mystery Box Review.

Pros of buying from The Amazing MysteryBox

  • It brings stunning giftitems for your loved ones at average cost.
  • It permits you to choose the products at your own choice.
  • Its clothing item includes unisex t-shirts.
  • Gaming items are popular and unique, which is hard to find on other e-commerce portals.

Cons of buying from The Amazing MysteryBox

  • Buying options are very less in numbers.
  • Subscription services are available at a high cost.
  • Mystery boxes are selling at a high price.
  • Delivery time is too long, as per the Mason New Mystery Box Review.

Is the Amazing Mystery Box Legit?

It is valid to consider the following points to check the legitimacy of the website. If it fulfills the criteria, then the site is authentic; otherwise, it is suspicious. Let’s find out about it:

  • Domain age: This online e-commerce shopping portal first started on 12-10-2016. It means they are selling products for the last four years.
  • Detail of owner or team member: The web store hides the full information regarding owner details or its team.
  • Social media appearance: It has an official Facebook page. But, it has very few fans following on the internet.
  • Customer Review: The website has no customer feedback. Facebook has average ratings and feedback. Buyers posted mixed reviews.
  • Returns/Exchange Policy: We are unable to locate the detail about returns or exchanges. The website is not revealing detailed data about it.

Hence, we can’t declare the website islegit or not. So. It is recommended to research well before making the purchase decision.

What about Mason New Mystery Box Review?

Based on few reviews collected from its official Facebookpage, people are quite happy with the products. They praised the items contains in the boxes. Gaming stuff are great inside. The shipping service was quick aswell.

Some of them had posted complaints regarding the company’s customerservice because they did not respond to their emails. We have found that thecompany is actively giving replies to people’s comments on social media.


Based on Mason New Mystery Box Review, we recommend to our readers that, if you wish to purchase the products from here, please go after some more research, and go through all the customer reviews for the positive outcome.

Do you have any experience using this store? Please share your experience below.


  1. Ordered mystery electronics box the super one and two weeks later got a small bubblewrapped pair pf wireless headphones and that was it 1 small package for 50 dollars seems like i got screwed

  2. Great why did I waste my time reading this at all. I was here to do research not for you to tell me to do research! I know that without you, thanks gor nothing.

  3. This is a scam!! I bought two “mystery boxes” and all i got was 1 padddd envelope with a selfie stick and a pair of wireless ear buds that i paid $60 for! I could have got both of these items for $10-15 on! Very disappointed !!!! You and your company SUCK!! I will never ever do business with your company again!! You are a bunch of thieves! I will telll everyone not to buy anything from your “company”!

  4. Dear friend my name is Delores Goodwin I bought 2 boxs of Electronics Mystery for $ 89.00 on 1 22 2021 My order # is 19499 never received it. Find out were it went to. I work for VA Miltary, It’s taken to long to get them.Thank you for understanding. DELORES GOODWIN. I LIVE AT 3743 Winchester Ave Martinsburg WV 25405

  5. I bought 2 large mystery boxes..i received one of them totaling 50 dollars a cheap 20 dollar watch..and a battery that is history in a set of pri 4 head phones.. That was one package still have not gotten the second one yet and if it comes it needs to be at least worth a lot more than this one. Trust in your company….GONE

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