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Masqd Face Masks Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Scam or Legit?

Masqd Face Masks Reviews 2020

Masqd Face Masks Reviews {Sept 2020} Is It Scam or Legit? -> In this article, we would be talking about a company that is making face masks to meet up the increasing demand considering the current situation.

The demand and supply for every good is increasing rapidly in every market. Be it fashion, food, accessories, clothing, footwear, household items, and there is an increase that we recorded in every sector. Several companies adopt different schemes to increase sales and make a good base for the customer to continue purchase in the future as well. 

In this Masqd Face Masks Reviews, we would be reviewing this face mask company, which is a leading supplier of face Masks across The United State. The company is doing well and is gaining a good number of customers.

Read this article further to get a clear picture of the company.

What is Masqd Face Masks?

Masqd Face Masks is a website that is recently found plus is catering to the need for the shortage of masks all over the world. 

The website is providing a beautifully designed, printed, cut, sewn, and packed

The design range is vast and versatile, plus the masks come in several designs for adults and kids as well. The face masks are made up of supreme quality raw material and are quietly affordable.

The website possesses partnered with an organization that is helping the company to distribute masks all over the United State. 

After reading this, specific questions might come to your mind – If the company is donating masks, what is the profit for the company? Are the face masks good for protection? Is the material soft?

All of your questions will be answered below.

Specifications of Masqd Face Masks 

  • Washable masks 
  • Reusable unisex masks
  • Comfortable
  • Nose moulding metal
  • Pocket for filter
  • 95% Cotton
  • Shipping time – 10 days
  • Certified Anti-Microbial Fabric
  • Payment modes – Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amex Debit/Credit Cards.
  • E-mail –

Is Masqd Face Masks a legit product?

Masqd Face Masks are producing with 95% cotton, which is an impressive point. The website has mentioned other details also, which says that a certain percentage from the products sold donates for Covid-19 treatments for the nationwide. Also, the site provides many options to choose from. 

The products are categorized based on adults and kids.

Also, there are some additional features of these masks, which include a separate catalogue for changeable filters, and the product comes in 2 sizes as well.

Overviewing all this information, we can say that the product is legit and should be tried by the readers.

Pros of Masqd Face Masks 

  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Has an option for removing and adding filters 
  • Have various design and colour options 
  • Fantastic collection for kids also
  • Have mostly all payment modes
  • Washable masks 
  • Reusable unisex masks
  • Comfortable
  • Nose moulding metals
  • Pocket for filter
  • 95% Cotton
  • Also, have some value packs
  • Elastic supporting bands

Cons of buying Masqd Face Masks

  • No return of the product
  • Shipping time is more
  • Company is very new

What are customer reviews on the product?

Although the product is new for the market, still due to the demand and nature of the product, it is gaining a good number of customers, which is rapidly increasing daily.

The product is pretty good, and the reviews also suggest that the product is as promised.

Masqd Face Masks Reviews that we researched and collected from the website by the customers who have tried this product are satisfying and all positive. The customers seem to be satisfied with the product they received and have already recommended it to others.

All in all, the customers’ reviews are all positive; they have recommended it to try for sure. Some customers are happy as the product is exactly as in the picture.

Some people tried the product again as they liked the promising quality. Also, pricing that is offered by the company for the product is excellent.

Overall, all the reviews are positive, and the company has managed to come up with customer satisfaction.

Final Verdict

Though the product is new in the market, it has managed to satisfy its customers plus has gained good reviews. The website is also well maintained and has categorized listing of products with every product listed and appropriately described.

The product gets a thumb up, and we would be recommending it to our readers to try and let us know.

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  1. Who wrote this? Why is this English questionable? Are these masks actually made in the US, or are they just “shipped” from LA?

  2. I am having a horrible experience with this company MASQD. I ordered two masks and within a few hours cancelled my order because they said to allow 2 weeks for delivery which is way too long. They responded in an email and said they cancelled my order and issued a credit. It has been 10 days and NO credit has been put on my Visa. I called my bank and disputed the charge and they opened an investigation into this company. They clearly are a SCAM!!! They have my money and I have no product or credit back to my account. Buyer Beware!!!!!!

    1. Total scam. I have the same issue. Customer service is not helpful. I write to them nearly every day. They refuse to issue a refund or help me in any way.
      The mask was never shipped. A label was created but USPS never received the package. It’s been one month and they still tell me to wait 24-48 hours.
      It’s terrible – especially in a time like this where so many of us are struggling financially. I also complained on Instagram but was blocked within 5 minutes. I was hoping that they would reach out through this but no. Please do not order from this company.

      1. Hello Jessica. I also ordered a mask and they took my money immediately but I have not received any product from them. I have been unable to find the a website now and no phone number shows up on my cc purchase information. Do you happen to have a phone number for this company and no email address. If you have either of those I would so appreciate it.

      2. No I would not recommend they took my money refused. A refund and after 10 weeks still have bit received anything ! Total scam !!! And I’m in the same city ! They won’t issue a credit to me after 10 weeks

    2. Same here. They are a scam and I cannot believe the ( false) advertising on blogs and even People magazine! They steal your money and don’t send out the products

  3. My mask falls off my face. It is unwearable. When I asked them about it they said “ try rubber bands” How? My solution was to clip the ear bands into my hair. I’m an adult woman, 5’5” 130 so not tiny. Beware

    1. Me too. I have reported them. They are also not operated and owned by females. It is a lie.. They are definitely not honest and are scammers.

      1. Please do not buy from this company. The deleted my comments on IG and blocked both me and my husband. It’s been a month and no face. What they did was create a shipping label and not ship the item which is the new thing companies are doing. They have no intention of shipping the product it even responding to customers. I bought this from when they were advertising on Instagram. I think this is the first company I’ve ever ordered from that is truly a scam!

  4. I am also having difficulty with this company. I ordered masks and the order came missing 2 of the masks. I was charged for both even though I never received them. There is no way to contact this company except by email. I have now emailed them at least 5 times this week and have not received any response from them. I like the masks I did receive although one of them is defective and was sewn incorrectly. It’s frustrating to deal with a company that has no customer service to correct mistakes on orders and product.

  5. I ordered a Masqd and received a tracking number on May 5, today is May 12, according to the USPS it was never received. i have emailed customer service twice and they “assure” me that my mask was sent out for shipping. The tracking number has not been updated, if I dont see movement by the end of this week I will be forced to dispute the charge on my credit card

  6. Such a SCAM!!! I ordered 5/1. Says a shipping label was created on 5/7. Still no masks and no response. And I live 11 miles from where they are being made. Wish I gave my business to another company!!!

  7. Keep getting this response from their tracking number. I ordered over two weeks ago..

    Tracking History
    May 11, 2020, 6:42 pm
    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90058
    A shipping label has been prepared for your item at 6:42 pm on May 11, 2020 in LOS ANGELES, CA 90058. This does not indicate receipt by the USPS or the actual mailing date.

  8. My experience with this company has been terrible! On top of my bad experience they are rude & very unprofessional. I placed an order for 2 masks & filters on 4/25/20. I received an email on 5/3/20, that a shipping label was created. I contacted them a few days later, was told they shipped give it time to be updated. Another 2 days still no status update, I contact them again, now I am told your order will be shipped soon. I also contacted them via Instagram through their comment thread, and was told your order will ship tomorrow (the next day the comment deleted).. I emailed them again and complained about the excuses.. I was greeted with a rude email from Kara and she issued a refund… I emailed back on the second order, I then got another rude response this time from a Lucy… So these foolish people got upset at me because I was upset, for being given the run around! In addition they deleted every single comment I left on Instagram regarding my order, and I was blocked!! They have deleted every single comment from other consumers enquiring about their orders.. They are very dishonest and will not admit to their mistake.. They blame the USPS! Which by the way I have not had a single issue with any orders when they are actually shipped.. Do not waste your money.. I was able to order 4 masks with filters from a reputable company they will be shipped by 5/25 via fed ex.. Also check out all the negative comments on FB.. They can’t delete those!

      1. Hello, I am dealing with this same issue. I placed my order on May 18th. I received an email on May 27th with a USPS tracking number that my order shipped. from that point, I’ve been checking the tracking and it still shows that USPS is awaiting the items. I’ve been following up via email with replies from Lucy. I was skeptical at first but once I read the reviews and saw that the reviews were good, I decided to give them a try and now I’m sorry I did.

  9. I’m afraid this company is scamming people. I ordered 5 masks in total but two orders of 30 day supply of filters each on May 4, 2020. It is now May 19, 2020 and no masks…no filters. I contacted them and now they tell me one mask has been sent out, today. One. I’m contacting my bank tomorrow and initiating fraud charges. Buyer beware.

  10. I ordered from this company and paid $10 extra for expedited shipping. My order was over $120 and I have heard NOTHING from this company and have not received the masks. It’s been 12 days since I ordered. Am contacting my bank to dispute charge and reporting this company to Attorney General’s office in state of ct. Also, wanted to make a comment on FB but there is no option to comment, only to read thousands of bogus stellar comments. Do not order from this company. It is a gigantic scam operation.!!

  11. Horrible company. I finally received my order and the quality of these masks are horrible. The metal in the center is extremely sharp and not in the center. It falls to one side. I am not sticking sharp metal on my kids. On their website they show a picture of one type of mask and send you another. Not ok. Can’t get a response. I have to dispute the charge. Do not buy from this company.

  12. Don’t waste your time or money on these masks. Took over 2 weeks to receive. The molded nose piece kept moving, decided to just take it out and it’s a TWISTIE TIE!! Yes, the same twistie tie you use to close a loaf of bread. Disgraceful.

  13. Thanks so much for the comments here. I put a couple of things in my cart, and forgot all about it. For maybe ten minutes, because after that I got an avalanche of crap in my email multiple times a day. What a scam! Rubbish like this in the middle of a pandemic is especially reprehensible.

    Will find another provider. Thanks again!

  14. Don’t buy from this company
    I paid extra for FedEx shipping 16 days ago. No mask. Keep getting emails from a fake woman. FedEx hasn’t even received package yet.
    Now, no emails and they have BLOCKED me from their Facebook page!

    1. I ordered a mask from this company on 5/18. On 5/22 I received an email from them with a tracking number saying that a label has been created and USPS is awaiting the package and to allow 10 days for my order to ship. Its now 6/10 and I haven’t received any updates. I emailed them to ask if they can give me a credit or refund and I received no response. I got fed up and ordered a mask from San Diego and was able to receive my order within 5 days! Mind you, I live on the east coast. I will be disputing the charge. They are shady on their social media accounts too!! DO NOT ORDER ANY MASKS FROM THIS COMPANY!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

  15. I ordered 4 masks on May 8. The shipping label was created on May 18. Nothing was ever shipped out. Every time I email them all I get are automatic responses. I have also left comments on both Facebook and Instagram and they delete them within hours. This is clearly a scam.

  16. Pre-Shipment

    May 15, 2020 at 8:12 pm
    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item
    LOS ANGELES, CA 90058
    Get Updates

    I ordered 2 adult masks & 1 child & 100 filters. Ordered on 5/7. No delivery and it is now 5/25.

    1. ordered 5/10 don’t know how to get o ahold of them …..they charged my card but no word

  17. Hey all, I was looking at this company to order some masks but since I just got scammed from another company, I thought I’d share my experience here. This company was claiming they were out of the U.S. and it turned out they are from China. Since April 23, I have been waiting for my order. Typical responses from them and when I threaten to report them, they finally sent me a tracking number which to date “supposedly” is sitting at USPS since May 18th. I highly doubt I will see my purchase. I researched the company and found so many people in the same boat as me. Furthermore, I go to their website and poof, the masks are no longer being sold anymore and when I click on the original link of my mask from my confirmation email, it shows up as a 404 error page. That’s when I discovered ECONSUMER.GOV and I reported these scammers. They take these people seriously and I’ve been working with a special agent who has opened up a thorough investigation of this company and is currently tracking where the money is going to. He has so many complaints about the same company. I suggest you all do the same and let these scammers know we are not having their schemes. Volume in numbers. We do have government agencies that deal with foreign fraudulent crimes and they get to the bottom of it. Stay safe all and look out for one another.

  18. I ordered in March and it did take nearly a month but my masks are good but expensive. I liked the filter version and feel safer wearing this design . Other masks have come to market since I ordered from them that I’d probably order from next time.

  19. This company is horrible and terribly fishy that they block and delete comments on Instagram. My mask fell apart in the wash and they won’t refund. Stay away from any company that doesn’t allow negative comments or make things right.

  20. I oredered $127.69 worht of masks on July 20th 2020 and haven’t heard anything yet. Please let me know when I will receive my masks.

    Order # 3059985484 FL

    Georja Sawyers
    ( )

  21. Horrible company that needs to be shut down. Cheap, thin, overpriced mask and non existent customer service. Do not buy.

  22. I ordered 3 masks and a package of the filters. After many weeks I finally received them. I cannot wear them…the straps don’t fit or even stay on my ears!! I tried sending them a message to no avail! Cannot get a hold of this company!!

  23. Same here! The only scammers that got me during COVID!!! We all need to complain to BBB and FTC and flood their Linkden pages!

  24. I’m having the same issues as many of you, and to date I have not received my masks and it has been over 2 months since they charged my credit They say the same thing about shipping out in 24 – 48 hours. I also found out today that they are selling their face masks on Amazon. I wonder if they are scamming Amazon too. I will place a complaint with the FTC and BBB, and will dispute the charges on my credit card. I hope they all go to Jail for ripping people off during a pandemic.

  25. Definitely a scam. Ordered $230 worth of masks in August, it’s now November. They send confirmation of order and then an email with shipping label and then that is it. Never respond to any emails enquiring about he order. End of story.

  26. Do not purchase! Orders take two months to be delivered and do not have the masks ordered. Refuse to provide refunds, but must reorder. Second order was 7 weeks ago and still not delivered.

  27. I agree with everyone, this company is a SCAM! Seeing how Hollywood ‘celebs’ were wearing, so I got suckered into buying. I just received my order, no issues with shipping but seems quality of these masks are totally NOT what it looks like from website! Will NEVER order again!

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