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May 16 Wordle Answer {May} Get Correct Solution & Hints!

Scroll down the below article which helps you in knowing the correct May 16 Wordle Answer, along with all the required hints.

Are you a wordle solver? Do you like to spend your time solving exciting puzzles? Wordle is a word-hunting game that is played Worldwide. People search for an answer through hints and ask for different sources online.

Found and seeming to be easy, this game is much more confusing, and brainstorming as hints given for the word makes it difficult for the solvers to guess it correctly. Are you on a hunt to find the May 16 Wordle Answer? So let’s find out the answer to wordle number 331. 

An Answer to the Wordle #331-

Wondering and finding the answer to this Wordle puzzle, people around the globe are searching for it with curiosity. Let us put it here for your hunt to end. The answer to Wordle number 331 is – DELVE. 

Now you’re surely wondering what DELVE means? According to the Cambridge dictionary and Merriam Webster, DELVE means to search, especially if by digging, to find a thing or information through extreme research. This word defines the urge and curiosity toward anything hidden and unraveled.

Hints related to May 16 Wordle Answer.

The hints of this answer are that – 

  • It’s a verb, and it consists of 5 letters.
  •  One letter is repeated twice. 
  • The word starts from the letter ‘D.’
  • It has one vowel that is repeated twice. 
  • This word will end with a vowel.
  • Another hint is the meaning of the word – The urge and curiosity to look deep into something so that you can find its true meaning. 
  • This word’s origin is from western Germany.
  • Synonyms of this word are- to hunt, scrabble and search. 

For all the puzzle gamers, these hints are more than enough to dig out their treasure. 

Why is May 16 Wordle Answer Trending?

Wordle is an already trending word-guessing game all around the world. But today’s Wordle is undoubtedly trending because of people’s excitement about the recent Wordle 331.

Rules and Regulations-

  • This game demands to identify a five-letter word in six attempts. It is a color-coded game that will indicate whether a word is present on the board or not. It has three colors, i.e., Green, Yellow, and grey.
  • Green indicates the letter guessed by you is correct and in the correct position. Yellow indicates that the May 16 Wordle Answer is correct, yet it is guessed in the wrong position, and grey indicates the wrong guess. 
  • People are guessing the answer for May 16 and trying to unscramble it through the given hints. Also, some people compete and want to solve this puzzle in the first place to prove their love for puzzle solving. 


Based on internet research, we can see that people face a real challenge in guessing this word, but native Germans are all set to guess it correctly as it is a part of their language. We have provided you with all the basic information about the May 16 Wordle Answer. Hope you find it helpful.

Besides, click here to learn more about it. Have you correctly guessed today’s answer? Please comment.  

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