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Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews [July] Is Legit

Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Product Reviews
Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews [July] Is Legit >> Check out the complete details of cost-effective and portable air conditioner designed for office and home use purposes.

Are you tired of bearing the hot, windy air and thinking of getting a cost-effective portable air conditioner for yourself? This blog will demonstrate to you Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews, including the authentic knowledge about this device and its working.

The Meaco Air conditioner is available for sale in online stores, delivering this product only around the United Kingdom. The device will add significant value to your room and give you relief from the hot air surrounding you. Scroll below and get started reading the device details!

What Is Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit?

This is a cost-effective and portable air conditioning device that works brilliantly once started for use by buyers. The device works best in a complete sealed room with the slight possibility of sun rays. Additionally, these are used basically in bedrooms for pre-cooling purposes before going to bed. 

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Purchasing this Air conditioner, you don’t have to bother about the space as one can use it in the workplace and at home. The device is gentle for the environment and the electricity bills. Furthermore, it’s fully portable and environment-friendly.

One can control this device using a remote to keep an eye on the unit’s operation. It works best on hot, humid days and expels hot air outside the rooms. The product weighs around twenty-four kilograms and has the power consumption of one thousand one hundred and fourteen watts.

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Specifications Of Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit:

  • Product name: Meaco cool MC series 10000
  • Product Price: £349.99
  • Cooling capacity: 100000 BTU/2.93kW
  • roduct Weight: 24 kgs
  • Product Dimensions: 701x350x348
  •  Duct length: 15cm /5.9″
  •  Energy Rating: A
  • Current/ Nominal: 5A
  •  Refrigerant: R290/200g
  • Maximum Airflow: 325m³/hour
  • Approximate Room Size: 18-28m²
  • Noise Level: 53dB(A) in low fan speed 
  •  Moisture Removal: 1.4 liters
  •  Power consumption: 1114 watts
  •  Power supply: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Modes: Cool, fan, dry, and sleep
  • Included device remote control 

Pros Of Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit:

  • xploring Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews, we found the device to be highly portable and can be moved easily 
  • The device seems to be suitable for office environments and home
  • he product has its availability on Facebook 
  • The product carries good ratings on the website 
  • t has sleep mode and timer features 
  • The device occupies very little space

Advantage Of portable air conditioner: 

Cons Of Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit:

  • The device has only two fan speeds
  • The device seems to be a bit noisy 
  • The weight of the device is quite extra

Is Meaco Air Conditioning Unit Legit?

Before getting into Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Reviews, it’s vital to check on our own accumulating the product facts and determine its usefulness and legitimacy.

  • The Meaco Air conditioner is a portable device and occupies less space
  • The reviews of this product is missing online
  • The device is environment friendly and consume less electricity 
  • The device is designed for home and office use
  • The device may prove you a bit noisy 
  • Carries only two cooling fans
  • No comments and likes on the product is found on Facebook 
  • As mentioned above, the stated points about the device give mixed thoughts on its legitimacy.

Know-How to Determine the product Legitimacy, read here:

What Are Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews Shared Online?

The device Meaco 10k Air Conditioner displays very well its working and usage information on its website. The device has all the qualities that every air conditioner must possess.

But despite talking about the good qualities, the device is a bit noisy and is not updated by the feedbacks of the buyers anywhere online. Showing its presence only on Facebook The product didn’t receive single  likes and comments there too.


The write-up shows Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit Reviews and its technical specifications and other related information that will help readers get aware of this particular product details.

Readers are advised to explore the device Reviews shared by customers and then make any Air conditioner purchases if it seems suitable and satisfactory for you.

Are you using Meaco 10k Air Conditioning Unit? Do let us know your experience using this device. 

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