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Melitta Face Mask Reviews [May] Is It Safe To Buy?

Melitta Face Mask Reviews [May] Is It Safe To Buy? -> In this article, you will read about a German company that is producing the face-masks made up of the coffee filter.

Have you thought of a face-mask made up of a coffee filter? Oh yes, Melitta Face Mask Reviews reveal that it is possible and are made available by Melitta.

Now that the epidemic has gone out of control, many countries are agreeing on lifting the lockdown. Then the work will start again. But in this situation, what most required is the face-mask. 

Melitta, the German company, is famous for producing paper coffee filters. After examining the need for the face-masks in the world, they decided to begin their production with the paper made up of the best fibers. The people of the world, including the United State, couldn’t have thought of the mask made up of the paper.   

What is Melitta Face Mask?

Melitta is a German company that produces coffee filters made up of best-fibers-generated-paper. As per the Melitta Face Mask Reviewsthey have already got a cone-shaped coffee filter of standard size that fits the face perfectly.

Although paper is not suitable for a face mask to protect from a virus, the paper Melitta using to make the coffee filters are. Therefore, now the coffee filter company is churning out millions of face-masks in the market. They have an existing production capacity in Germany, Brazil, and the United State.

The managing director of the company calls this coffee filter-shaped face mask the gift of heaven as it fits so well that it covers the nose, mouth, and chin. Thus, the already correct shape made the making of the masks simple. 

Who is Melitta Face Mask for

Due to the pandemic outbreak, it has become necessary to use face masks. Therefore, these masks are best for everyone in the world. Moreover, there is a triple layer of melt-blown and spun-blown microfiber in the face-mask. Hence, this makes it similar to the medical grades already in use.

Let us now look at the pros and cons of this mask.


  • Usage of high-quality paper in making of these masks.
  • Similar to the medical grades already used.
  • Well-known company.
  • Quality speaks in their products.
  • Melitta can make more than fifty thousand masks in a day.
  • The masks fit the face perfectly.
  • They do have social wall links as well.
  • The reviews for this company are splendid.
  • They have a registered address of the company. 
  • The contact numbers provided are legit.
  • Their presence on all over the newspapers speaks for their authenticity.
  • They have production capacities in three major countries.
  • They can make a significant contribution in terms of quality and quantity.


  • They haven’t got the government’s approval to sell the masks as a medical supply.


  • Website link: https://www.melitta-group.com
  • Shipping time: Didn’t specify
  • Delivery time: Not quoted
  • Cancellation: Did not mention
  • Exchange: Not stated
  • Refund: Not mentioned
  • Return: Not specified on the site
  • Shipping cost: Not specified
  • Email address: atemmaske@melitta.de
  • Contact No.: +49 571 50 49 777
  • Mode of payment: not mentioned

Reviews from the customers

Melitta is a German company that can deliver a high-quality cone-shaped coffee filter masks in a massive quantity to the world. The company is well-known for making coffee filters out of paper. The paper they use is made using melt-blown microfiber along with the spun-blown microfiber.  

They have set the highest possible standards. Their coffee filters have gained appreciation throughout the nation. Thus, they came out with this idea of a filter face mask that easily fits a face, exclaiming that these qualify the medical masks used by the entire world. 

They are doing a great job even though they lack the government’s approval to sell these as a medical aid. The company has always got great reviews, and the idea behind the initiation of this company is also worthwhile. 

We can say that Melitta is undoubtedly working on its mission of transforming and unfolding with great enthusiasm and passion.


The Melitta coffee filters are available in America, but as of now, not selling outside Germany. In this duration, where the pandemic is hitting hard on the world, the mask which this German company has produced would do wonders.

We hope that this mask will be helpful for our readers and will also be available worldwide in a few days.  

Don’t you think that the government should approve this company to sell these masks as a medical supply? Do write to us in the comments section below what do you think about this mask.

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