Meme With Old Man With Mask {Feb} About Meme Mask Man!

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Meme With Old Man With Mask {Feb} About Meme Mask Man! >> Do you want to know more about the viral meme on old man? Read this article to know more details!

Do you recognize the Meme With Old Man With Mask? Did this person become the highlight during the much-awaited ceremony?

The person whose meme went viral Worldwide was none other than Bernie Saunders. He is a Politian and has a long history in politics since 2007. The internet was full of his memes, and his reply was epic after looking at the memes.

So if you are a fan of memes and know what made the whole social media sensation laugh than read this article till the end.

Let’s know more in detail.

About Bernie Saunders

Bernie Saunders became a bit more famous Worldwide after his meme went viral on the internet as Meme With Old Man With Mask so let’s know more about him.

Saunders was a junior US senator since 2007 and also a former mayor of Burlington. He also ran a presidential campaign in 2016 and 2020 and came second for both times. Bernie has a long history and a good bond with the Democracy party.

He supports movements like economic inequality, labour rights, paid parental leaves, climate change etc. Since a kid he was always interested in politics, he said that it is essential as per his point of view.

Bernie’s history with politics is profound, but his meme that went viral made everyone hysterical.

Meme With Old Man With Mask

Like the orders, Bernie Saunders came to attend the new president Joe Biden’s inauguration function, but there was something different about Saunders. He stood out amongst the whole crowd of attendees.

He went viral because of his choice of outfit he wore that day, and the guest was full of luxurious and branded outfits while Bernie was with a brown overcoat and brown mittens sitting on his spot.

The internet found his choice of outfit and old man expression funny, which caught everybody’s attention. People posted the picture of him and turned them into funny memes that made everybody laugh!

What was the reaction for Meme With Old Man With Mask?

When Bernie saw the internet flooded with his meme’s, he tried to explain to the people that he kept himself warm as the air was very chill.

Whereas people kept making additions to the existing and the fiasco kept on going and made Bernie a viral sensation. The memes are still going viral, and people are having quite a laugh on that. 

Let’s head towards the conclusion now!


In our conclusion, we would like to mention that the much-awaited ceremony finally took place and with that Meme With Old Man With Mask also became a viral sensation. Netizens had a terrific laugh as the memes kept on coming and kept on getting funnier.

And even Bernie’s reaction was priceless along with his explanation to the people. Even famous shows shared viral meme.

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