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Mental Health Matters: 5 Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Regardless of the nature of the work, it’s undeniable that working can be a very stress-inducing activity. Moreover, some employees suffer from anxiety and uncertainty, and if the higher-ups or the relevant people don’t do something to ease these issues, employee motivation can be affected significantly. This can cause a decline in productivity or an increase in employee resignation. 

As such, you must make immediate strategies to prevent burnout from developing in your workforce. To help you, here’s a helpful guide that you can consider implementing to help boost your employee morale.

Promote Work-Life Balance

The co-founder of The Slumber Yard and RIZKNOWS, Matthew Ross, has mentioned that they’ve experienced people leaving the company because of burnout from late nights working. As a solution to this problem, they implemented a rule where there’ll be no work emails between seven in the evening and five in the morning. After that, they observed a significant change in employee mornings and overall productivity.

Having this type of rule is only an example of promoting a work-life balance in the workplace. Although this also depends on the time management skills of your employees, as an employer, or someone who has the power to implement things, you can provide ways to support their work-life balance. A few more examples would be offering flexible and remote working. 

Providing breaks in between their busy hours of the day would also be a good breather for them. Also, encouraging your managers to focus on the productivity of your employees rather than their hours of work would help them leave early for work, where they don’t need to work a full eight-hour day.

Present a Chance for Them to Report Their Concerns

If you’re planning to administer a new rule or strategy to your employees, doing health habits research can  greatly benefit you. This can be done by sending survey questionnaires to them or carrying out one-on-one interviews. These methods will allow you to thoroughly understand the possible root cause of their issues and learn more about their concerns. 

To conduct an effective survey and interview, you must select questions that help you with the most critical issues. You can create a scale that’ll help you measure their level of morale or ask them how they’ve been doing recently and how they are doing their work. 

You should consider doing this regularly to have a pile of documents to reference when researching to monitor their welfare. This can help in looking for patterns and trends over time.

Promote an Open Line Communication

The lack of open line communication in the workplace leads to miscommunication between your workers and can only cause poor business results and productivity. Not only that, but it can also affect their mental health by being unsure about their tasks and efficiency in the workplace. To prevent this, you must promote an open line of communication between your employees.

Open-line communication helps in molding trust and comfort in your employees. This is the act of relaying their ideas, thoughts, and issues with an open mind in an honest, reliable, and transparent manner. This can make the team more conscious of their actions and more comfortable opening up. It’ll also prevent passive-aggressive cues that can make other employees uncomfortable. 

By promoting an open line of communication, you’re also promoting peace and camaraderie, which helps run your company smoothly.

Arrange Team Building Activities

Team building means creating a group or a team that’ll work with each other towards a common goal. The team building activities help create a strong team that can communicate healthily and regulates good collaboration. 

Team building activities also help build trust that could improve their motivation and autonomy to complete their tasks. In simple terms, it can help make your employees feel safe with the people surrounding them. Knowing they can trust their members, they can freely share their ideas and take risks willingly. 

Some companies go out of town for a team-building activity and spend a night or two together to share intimate and memorable moments. Other teams hold a day full of trust-building activities.

Organize Employee Awards Program

Most importantly, you should consider providing memorabilia, awards, or programs for your employees to show appreciation. This helps them feel recognized and appreciated, especially with all the efforts and time they have provided for the company. 

A simple offering of rewards or certifications can boost employee morale significantly. It helps them see that the company values them and their contributions. Moreover, employee recognition helps build a sense of security in their value in the company.

A few examples of employee recognition would be job promotion or productivity-based incentives. However, a simple program with an award ceremony would also be effective.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways you can provide your employees with the best environment to have better motivation while working. You can look at this list for inspiration, but you can also formulate a plan based on your employee feedback survey or whatever you think will fit the situation. Nonetheless, whatever can help your employees would be the best option.

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