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Mercato Delivery Reviews [April] – Check It Before Order

Mercato Delivery Reviews [April] – Check It Before Order >> One should order anything from an ecommerce website only and only after reading reviews about that web store. Read this post and save your money!

Online shopping makes our problem-free, we can purchase our items and products according to the requirements. There are several online stores which are fake, and several are legit. It sometimes becomes an issue to trust the website. To avoid the fraud website, we need to be more aware and spam those websites by commenting and spreading awareness among most of the people.

In this article, there is a website name Mercato delivery they link shop to shop and provide grocery to all over the United States. According to the Mercato, any retail seller can join their team and connects with customers directly through the digital platform. 

The team will help to bring the offline shop to be online and connects with the e-commerce world. There are many e-commerce company sell products, and give customers various types of offers and discount. The e-commerce platform is vast and spread worldwide; people are now like to order online instead of going to shop for purchasing.

Online purchasing is, most of the time, helpful to those who don’t get enough time to go to the store for marketing. It is sometimes complicated for working parents to spare sometimes for shopping. So, we will cover in this article about the e-commerce website name mercato.com and Mercato delivery reviews.

What is Mercato.com?

It is an online grocery store which sells varieties of groceries products like beverages, bakery product, spices, seasonings, and seasonal items. According to them, any retailer shop or wholesalers shop can join their team and become an online merchant. It is one of the excellent facilities to those shopkeepers who are looking to increase their market reach.

The online store is one of the best ways to reach millions of customers and to establish oneself as a brand. You have to make a website and keep the design user friendly so that customer can check out all the products available at your online store. Mercato.com is also giving great opportunity to increase productivity.

The website is available at every social media platform like Facebook, the details of the owners and all the team members are given at the site. The details of the owner and their works provide the confidence and develop trust among consumers which is a good sign. Although few customers had issues regarding the delay and quality of a few products, it can be changed and can be made more discipline.

The website claims that they are available all over the US they will provide service to every part of the country like Boston, Brooklyn, Denver, Portland, San Diego and all the other art of the country. The nexus of the company is spread all over the market. The company listed its partner merchants on their website.

Anyone can directly contact them asked about the legitimacy of the product. According to the company, they have a proper team designated with the individual works like e-commerce partners, delivery driver, merchants, and Grocery delivery services.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Mercato.com)

Pros of Mercato.com

  • You can choose the merchant from which you want to purchase the goods
  • You will get fresh products with expiry date mention, no reuse product available
  • The details of the merchants are mention over the website
  • The company is taking delivery from all over the country
  • You can call or submit your query if you are not satisfied with the products
  • If you register on the website, you will get a 14 days trial offer where you will get free delivery of the product
  • If you join the page, you will get many benefits like kitchen recipes, referral programs and promotional codes which you can use it to earn a discount.

Cons of Mercato.com

  • Few customer’s complaints about the delay in the delivery
  • According to the few Mercato delivery reviews few consumers have received squashed tomato
  • Few people are advised that to put merchant rating options on the website to rate the products and packaging

Exchange and return policy

  • You can register on the website to get 14 days of trail offer
  • In 14 days of the trial period, you will get all the delivery for free; no shipping charges will be collected from the consumers.
  • If you signup you will get extra benefits like kitchen recipes and referral programs option
  • You will also get the promo code which can be used to get the extra discount


The information we collected about the Mercato delivery reviews is found positive. Few customers quoted about the delivery time. But it is up to your choice and your opinion of what it matters.

6 thoughts on “Mercato Delivery Reviews [April] – Check It Before Order

  1. I placed an order 2 weeks ago, which was confirmed today for delivery between 4 and 5pm. No one has showed, Mercato is not responding by phone, email or chat..
    Also they made unapproved substitutions, I really don’t like that.

  2. order not received for 478728 afraid fresh fish and meats are spoiled was supposed tomarrive between 10 and 11am now almost 10 at night

  3. Absolutely awful company to order from and strongly advise not to use them. Order did not show up. Was charged. Was promised they would fix it. Was promised intervention from supervisors. Nothing fixed, nothing happens. Company does not follow up, does not follow through. Company almost impossible to reach and does not respond to voicemails or emails, although most of the time this is the only way you can reach them (they advertise a live chat on the website that does not work and when they put you on hold they will then transfer you automatically to voicemail but they are never going to call you back — like, EVER). Terrible. Just awful. They should be ashamed to take people’s money.

  4. Welp, I was going to place an order but, now that I have seen these reviews, I’ll pass. I am getting really really sick and tired of shady companies. And, that is all I see anymore.

  5. This is the worst delivery company I have ever tried to work with. I am a chef and placed and order with them. I needed Halal meat and there are very few places in Manhattan that offer that. The delivery never came despite the fact that they took payment. I made numerous calls and kept being assured that the order would be delivered later. Didn’t happen. It put me in a terrible position professionally. I asked to speak to a supervisor/manager at one point and was told that they don’t work on weekends. At another point, and “agent” actually hung up on me. It is so appalling that during this pandemic, when so many businesses are suffering (in particular, the food industry) that there is such a lack of professionalism and accountability. Also so odd that one can’t find them on Yelp.

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