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Metapreneur NFT {Jan} Read Roadmap, Buying Details!

This article describes a rare art collection of digital non-fungible tokens and the benefits available for the token owners. Read more on Metapreneur NFT.

Are you looking to purchase non-fungible tokens from various unique art collection series? Then, please keep reading this article that explains all relevant information related to the topic mentioned above. 

Token enthusiasts from Lebanon, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and United States are trying to find rare digital arts that can magnify their token value in the coming years. The token collection with more interested buyers indicates the value of the token. Additionally, the token’s liquidity also rises with more buyers and sellers. Read about the Metapreneur NFT.

About Metapreneurs Collection

Metapreneurs is a collection of 11,111 NFTs stored using the ERC-721 hosted on IPFS. The owner of the NFTs is given entry to a token community of highly successful entrepreneurs and access to a list of multiple utilities with benefits and rewards.

 Apart from being an owner of an NFT, you can also own land in the popular metaverse project Decentraland. The community members also can vote for major decision takings in the community. In addition, the NFT owners are provided with an opportunity to pitch their projects and ideas to find potential investors.

Metapreneur NFT

  • Apart from being a regular NFT buyer with the ownership, Metapreneur tokens allow the NFT owners to exercise various benefits provided by the developers.
  • A community wallet feature is present in the project that funds the best project presented before the community.
  • The token holders and traders are also handsomely rewarded for their valuable contributions to promote various activities.
  • The token owners are also provided access to the specially developed web3.0 platform to benefit from the services and features.
  • The project’s roadmap also includes the education-based charity process of $50,000.

Team Members

  • Robz is the CEO and Co-founder of the Metapreneur NFT project.
  • Calvin Becerra is the strategic Partner of this NFT project.
  • Wolfofbey is the CMO and Co-founder.
  • Akylles is another Co-founder of the project. He is also assigned as the CLO.
  • Itani is the chief design officer of the company.
  • Cryptoware is the major developer.
  • Stifler is a prime advisor of the project.

Where to Buy Metapreneur Tokens?

  • Visit the OpenSea platform.
  • Log in using your username and password. New users can create a free account on the OpenSea platform by submitting basic information.
  • Connect your wallet with the OpenSea platform. Learn about Metapreneur NFT.
  • Load your wallet with enough ETH as Ether is the only cryptocurrency accepted by the OpenSea platform for buying and selling NFTs.
  • Choose the NFT that you need and click “Buy Now.”
  • Complete the buying process by paying the equivalent amount of ETH. Load enough ETH to pay for the gas fees.


NFT collections with added values and services for the token holders have high potential as they add value to those who own the NFTs. To know more about the topic, please visit.

Have you tried to buy NFTs similar to Metapreneur NFT? If yes, please comment your experience. 

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