Mewe vs Parler {Nov 2020} Check Which Is Better Podium!


Mewe vs Parler {Nov 2020} Check Which Is Better Podium! >> A new social media platform is gaining popularity-To know about web portals, read whole article.

Are you wondering about connectivity without add and violence? Have you heard about Mewe vs Parler? If not, then this article might be beneficial for you.

We will start to discuss the most popular web portals MeWe and Parler, across the United States. So stay tuned.

What is MeWe?

MeWe has been founded in 2012, a social media platform that resembles the opposite of the leading social media Facebook; it has no advertisement; no manipulation of what display on the user’s feed. It doesn’t share a visitor’s personal data. This media platform does not encourage any programs related to politics.

What is Parler?

Parler is a social media platform for conservative people who do not encourage violence. In this platform, people can convey their thought formally, and it is also an anti-Facebook platform. The platform is quite popular and possesses 8million+ subscribers. However, day by day, it is receiving a massive response across the United States.

Few facts about MeWe & Parler:

Recently Mewe vs Parler is gaining recognition after recent events take place on the leading media platform Facebook & Twitter. Let’s check out a few facts about both social media- 

Mewe: People can get outstanding features like video calling or voice calling after obtaining the premium version. Including these features, people will receive several themes for this platform, stickers, and 100gb cloud storage.

Parler: in this media platform, people can send direct messages, and it has also encrypted message features so that the user’s thought and conversation have been protected. This app can be run on Tablets, Android Smartphones, and Apple products.

Safe to use or not:

According to different data, it has been heard that both the platform are safe and secure, and any interested person can use it. Mewe vs Parler comes with numerous latest features among the people to make their web portal more popular.

There are a few different terms and policies in both social applications; a person accepts all the terms and policies, then he/ she can use it quietly.

What is people’s suggestion about this app?

Let’s check out Mewe vs Parler, which is more popular among the people. Both platforms have separated different policies, features like MeWe has a premium membership option; anyone can obtain that; it costs around $4.99 per month. After getting it, people can enjoy various latest themes, emojis, etc. People are using both applications to communicate with connectivity.


Both the social media platform has different policies and features, and they claim that their platform is opposite to Facebook, as there is no add, no manipulation of what display on the user’s feed, even also they are focused on data security so ensure user’s personal data is protected.

We reviewed all of the facts of Mewe vs Parler; both the platform has difference; however, their main motto is to provide connectivity with negativity.Kindly share your views, which web application you would like to use, and why. Please encourage us by submitting your comment in the below comment section.

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  1. Been on Parler awhile, it has had its glitches and those have increased 10 fold since NOV 3 election. They announced they expected 1 mil converts but report it has been over 2 mil with rumors of over 4 mil. Yes, it is basically a conservative echo chamber due to the membership but twitter was also all conservative for me due to their algorithms. I basically, only saw like minded posts, I fired twitter months ago due to their election interference. Just joined mewe and it is Facebook but more fun and geared towards the cutesy stuff and less about mining you for product data. But as really comparing Parler and MeWe is not accurate. If you like quick ability to bloviate Parler, if you wanted to stay connected to friends and family MeWe.

  2. I have been on Parler for two weeks now and I like it. The only problem I had was it took me a day or so to learn what the functions of icons were. Had been on Facebook for about 6 yrs . Facebook is to controlling and Liberal politically.

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