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Here, in this article, we will read about the correct way of Michiyo Tsujimura Pronunciation. Read here for full details.

It has become very difficult for people to pronounce words of different languages, so recently, people have been confused about how to spell or pronounce the scientist’s name or the developer of Green tea MichiyoTsujimura. So other than Japanese people, the people of other countries like India, Singapore, and the United States are having a lot of confusion on the correct pronunciation.

So here in this article, we will be dealing with Michiyo Tsujimura Pronunciation, and we will also read in brief about this Japanese scientist and why his name is trending now.

Who Is Michiyo Tsujimura?

She was a Japanese agricultural biochemist and a Japanese scientist who did extensive research on the components of green tea and its benefits. She was the first woman in Japan who was awarded a degree of doctorate in agriculture. 

And the occupation of this Japanese scientist was of a biochemist and as well as of an agronomist. Before we learn about the correct Michiyo Tsujimura Pronunciation, let us cover some extra important details about her.

She was born in the year 1888 on the 17th of September at the place Saitama Prefecture. She graduated in the year 1909 from a normal women’s school. And she became a teacher in the year 1913 at the high school of Yokohama; she is considered the founder of green tea because of the extensive research that she has done on the benefits and components of green tea. 

She did a lot of research on green tea and made many accomplishments, and then on the 1sst of June 1969, she died in the Aichi area of Japan.

Michiyo Tsujimura Pronunciation:

After doing a lot of research about the correct pronunciation of this Japanese scientist, we got to know that the first name of the scientist goes as it is, which means it will be spelled as Michiyo. Still, the real pronunciation that we need to know about her name is related to her last name that is Tsujimura, so basically, we don’t have to spell her name as Tsujimura, but instead of that, we need to speel it as Tsuji “MORA.”

Why Is Michiyo Tsujimura Trending?

Now after knowing about the correct Michiyo Tsujimura Pronunciation, let us read about why her name is trending on the internet, so name this Japanese scientist is trending because, as we know that she was the founder of the benefits of green tea and all the credits of green tea goes to her, so to honor her works on her 133rd death anniversary google has paid tribute to her on the search engine page.


Here in this following topic, we have dealt with the details of Michiyo Tsujimura and the correct Michiyo Tsujimura Pronunciation. We have also discussed her works on green tea  that she has done in her early life.

Do you know about the benefits of using green tea? If yes, then share your views.

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