Microsoft Solitaire Download Error (Jan) Solve It!

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Microsoft Solitaire Download Error (Jan) Solve It! >> A problem occurred with the solitaire game! How to solve it? – know all processes in this writing.

What is Microsoft Solitaire Download Error? What are the ways to solve it out? – If you have been facing an error, then know the resolving ways in this writing.Solitaire lovers in Canada, United Kingdom, United States complain about getting an error while playing solitaire games.We have come with few solving methods that can fix the error, so let’s begin-

Microsoft Solitaire Game:

The classic solitaire game has been played over decades; it’s been over 25 years as a part of Microsoft Windows. Microsoft Solitaire game collection is the group of card games and replaced few popular games like Spider Solitaire, Free Cell. Moreover, this collection contains all the replaced games, having two extra games, namely- Pyramid and Tri-Peaks.

Following Microsoft Solitaire Download Error, why is this game so popular?

Classic solitaire, Free Cell, etc., have been popular among millions in Canada, United Kingdom, United States, and people show the same enthusiasm for the Microsoft Solitaire collection. Few points behind its popularity are- the simplicity of these games remaining the same, and the main difference is that Microsoft store updates this new solitaire collection.Moreover, a gamer can interact with Microsoft servers. Now the games become more interesting with daily new challenges, getting badges, playing with friends. Furthermore, it brings the latest features like new and catchy themes, and the user will get a chance to customize themes with their picture.

Brief about Microsoft Solitaire Download Error:

Recently, Microsoft users posted on several social media that they could not play any games in Microsoft solitaire collection. On Microsoft’s official site, several posts have been uploaded where people said they were facing problem while starting the games; they could not play the daily challenges.

How to fix this problem?

If you face this kind of problem, then check this segment, as we will provide our audience with a few resolving process details. So let’s begin-

  • Troubleshooting can fix this problem; windows have several in-built troubleshooters that for resolving problems. Following Microsoft Solitaire Download Error, troubleshooting may not be effective in all problems; however, it can help fix this matter.
  • If troubleshooting can’t fix the problem- don’t worry! You can reset this application. Resetting will not affect any documents; the app will be reinstalled. On the search bar, type Solitaire and press the button on the mouse. You will get the ‘App Setting’ tab. Press that, and then select the ‘Reset’ tab.
  • Deleting the cache of the Microsoft store is another way to fix this problem. Press Win keys (Windows) and R, you will obtain a small search window, now write ‘WSReset.exe’ in the search box and click OK. Following Microsoft Solitaire Download Error, after this process, the cache will be deleted.
  • If the problem has not yet been solved, then go for the reinstallation of this app. It involves Power Shell. Reinstallation of this app might solve this error.


Microsoft Solitaire Collection is a famous video game among all aged people. However, for a few days, users complained that some error occurred in this game, and they could not play the daily challenges and even could not start the game.The problem is genuine; however, for our solitaire lovers, we provided a few solving methods. So try those methods and check if the problem is fixed.Please share if those problem-solving ways for Microsoft Solitaire Download Error are useful for you or not.

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