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Milkbeata Review [Oct 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

Milkbeata Review [Oct 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam? -> Here, we talked about an online company that sells Christmas stuff at an affordable rate.

Whenever we think of Christmas, the first thing that strikes to our mind is buying gifts for our loved ones. It is a festival that enhances our bond with our dear ones and gives us a refreshing feel. Special occasions demand extraordinary gifts that would indeed be fulfilled by online companies. So, here in this article, we are talking about one such website that has a forte in selling Christmas related products. So, to collect more information about the company we request you to read Milkbeata Review and make your decision. 

Currently, the company is giving its services in the United States region. So, if you are living there, then you can unhesitantly book your order there. 

What is Milkbeata.com?

Milkbeata.com is an online platform that gives you the unique collection of Christmas products like LED string light, Santa Claus Climbing ladder, Christmas Santa twerking doll, magic growing Christmas tree, Christmas gift bags, Santa hat, Christmas clothes candy bags and lots more products

This online store has kept a decent variety of Christmas related products that are presenting you the unique products with just a single click of the mouse in the United States

List here all the specifications of Milkbeata.com.

The specifications of Milkbeata.com are:

  • Website: milkbeata.com
  • Products: LED string light, Santa Claus Climbing ladder, Christmas Santa twerking doll, magic growing Christmas tree, Christmas gift bags, Santa hat, Christmas clothes candy bags
  • Payment Gateways: Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express
  • Social Media Presence: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Mailing Address: service@1nam.net.
  • Shipping Service: It will take 7-15 days to reach your product to your doorstep
  • Refund Policy: You can put the request for refund within 48 hours
  • Shipping Charges: You can enjoy free shipping for your orders above 59.99 dollars.

Write down all the benefits of buying Christmas stuff from Milkbeata.com.

The benefits of buying Christmas stuff from the Milkbeata.com are:

  • This online store has a remarkable variety of Christmas related stuff.
  • You will get all Christmas related products on a single platform. 
  • The customer support email ID is available. 
  • The company offers you the free shipping services if your order value exceeds the 59.99 dollars.
  • Write down all the drawbacks of buying the Christmas stuff from Milkbeata.com.
  • The drawbacks of buying the Christmas stuff from Milkbeata.com are:
  • The website has not mentioned the contact number, the physical address of the owner of the company. 
  • The registration of the website was done 47 days back. So, it is difficult for you to trust such a company. 
  • Even on the about us page also, the name of another company has been written. It seems as if the company has copied the content from any other website. 
  • On the About Us page, the company says that it sells electronics products, but in reality, it sells Christmas stuff. 

Do you think Milkbeata.com is a legitimate company?

Online shopping appears to be pleasing, but it involves lots of risks also since many of the companies rely on the prepaid mode that often creates a doubt in our mind whether it is good to buy the products from online sources or not as we do not know whether we would receive the original product or counterfeit products. 

In such cases, customer Milkbeata Review help us a lot, because these customers tend to share their experiences with us and ultimately helps to make our buying decision more firm. In the case of this website, we found everything suspicious from the home page of the website to its ending page. 

Since just a handful of people know about this company and it has put all the false details of the website on its page, then the chances are higher that you might receive fake products. So, this website is a major scam.

What are the customer reviews for Milkbeata.com?

As per the Milkbeata Review, it has a meagre trust score and has come recently in the market, so it is somewhat difficult for us to have faith in the company. The website has not received any customer review so far, so we think we should wait for some days and see if any customers purchase these products. 

Final Verdict

Here, we are summing up this article by talking about an online portal named Milkbeata.com that sells Christmas products. The company offers you the free shipping services if your order value exceeds the 59.99 dollars. Since the lack of customer Milkbeata Review and other relevant information, we have put it into the scamming category. 

We are waiting to know your experience with this company that you are free to share at any time. 

0 thoughts on “Milkbeata Review [Oct 2020] Legit or a Fake Scam?

  1. Scammers! Reported them to PayPal. Emails are not legit and they have no phone number. I bought animated pumpkins. Never received.

  2. I ordered from this alleged company on August 30. Today is September 24 and I have not received the merchandise. Trust me that this alleged company hit my credit card with in a few hours of charge . They do that pretty well. Tomorrow I’ll have to call my credit card company to tell them I’ve been scammed.

  3. I ordered 2 pumpkins…..what I got was 2 little pumpkins you can hold in your hand that make a little noise but don’t plug in and the face does nothing. I am so mad. What a fake company!!!!!

  4. I have ordered two sets of the animated pumpkins with the shipping insurance for a total of $132.35 On October 10th,2020 As of today 10/15/2020 I have not yet received a tracking number or my product. Can not seem to get ahold of anyone.

  5. Scam company. Ordered the animated pumpkins and received small dollar store lighted plastic garbage. Working with Paypal or your credit card company to cancel payment/refund might be your only option as the company suggests you take their deal to keep the garbage rather than mail back for $20 (in spite of the site saying it offers free returns).

  6. I also purchased the 3 projection Pumpkins on 21 Sep and received 28 Oct. They looked to be good size on the on the web page, as if they were standard pumpkins. I received the 3 small pumpkins that look like you could buy them from the Dollar Store. I Paid $ 67.67 for this garbage. Items can no longer be found on their website as they are now scamming folks on Christmas items.
    TOTAL SCAM !!!!

  7. I bought the animated pumpkins and they are NOTHING like described. They offered me 50% refund and then all but $10.00 , I am demanding 100% refund as their sites 100% satisfaction or your money back no questions asked, they are stating a different return policy than what is stated on my confirmation email. Please report them to Paypal!

  8. I ordered the 3 jabberin jack pumpkins projection pumpkins in September and received 3 crappy dollar sore pumpkins. I have complained and they apologized for having a misleading website. They have offered a 30% refund and keep the crappy pumpkins. I have reported them to BBB and sent an email to the state attorney general office for fraudulent business practices. They have no intention in sending real jabberin jack pumpkins because they told me they don’t have them in stock and can’t sell them at the advertised price. Total scam

  9. Thats it! I will bring this up to FACEBOOK for ultimately they placed their ads on their forum. I have been just as fooled as everyone before me and I have been waiting for animated pumpkins AND Projectors. I have not yet received my complete order. All I received in the mail was a set of projection screens and nothing more. Will report to pay pal. Also, just like someone mentioned, I too was charged a fee of 89.95 TWICE and had to cancel my card. It’s not fair and something must be done. This never happened until online purchasing and COVID. I’m sorry, I can’t trust a system that has taken advantage of other during this time. I will no longer purchase things foreign and I will only buy items that are MADE IN THE USA. They sell us cute things we would love to have that brings a smile to ourselves and others especially our childern. I believe in Karma and what has been to me and when she pays back She Pays Back!

  10. I should have know when i read the Promo

    🎃Halloween Pre-Sale 50% OFF –Halloween Holographic Projection! ×2

    it should say projectors

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