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Milspin COVID Key Reviews [June] Is A Good site Or Not

Milspin COVID Key Reviews 2020

Milspin COVID Key Reviews [June] Is A Good site Or Not -> Read this review to find out about a key to avoid touching unsanitary surfaces.

If you are searching for an instrument that eases your job and helps follow the no-touch rule, check out Milspin COVID Key. 

Touching surfaces is inevitable, and given the current scenario, touching unknown and unsanitized surfaces is a big no-no. Websites are coming up with inventive ways to avoid touch to reduce the chances of getting infected. Milspin COVID Key Reviewspromises to give you in-depth details regarding this new product. 

The company ships from the United States and offers more products apart from the key. You will find out more details about this site as you progress further into this review. 

What is Milspin COVID Key? 

The key is a product of the veteran-owned retail website Milspin. They specialize in metal fabrication and is run by a couple that manufactures all their products in the United States. The about us section of the website talks about selling everything handmade with care and a lot of effort. 

It is made up of 260 brass alloy and was designed in a manner to reduces contact point surface by 99%. This design allows for the key to possessing touch screen capabilities. 

It can be used to sign in to credit card machines and open doors to pushing buttons and pulling levers. These are possible because of its handy and ergonomic design. However, the key is not active on the hard surfaces of your phones or supermarket keypads. This claim has been put forth by a YouTuber. 

What is unique about Milspin COVID Key?

The key is a unique invention because it will limit contact with unknown and unsanitary surfaces. Looking closely at the key will tell you that it was designed to solve a problem.  

The flat front tip will help you fill in card details when making payments or pressing lift buttons. It also has a hook style detailing that will help you in opening doors. How do you hold on to the key? They have made a ring-like cut out on one end so that you can hold on to the key. 

Milspin COVID Key can always be attached to your key chain and carried around. Another unique point to mention about the brand is that they manufacture the key in Ohio, United States. 

Specifications of Milspin COVID Key

  • Products: Metal key and metal fabrication 
  • Website-
  • Email- 
  • Phone number- (614)-664-8151
  • Shipping/processing time: not mentioned 
  • Delivery time: 2- 3 days, but usually depends on the location 
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned
  • Return- contact company for more information 
  • Refunds: contact company on the phone number provided 
  • Mode of payment: accept only online payment via PayPal, master card, apple pay, visa card, etc. 

Pros of purchasing Milspin COVID Key

  • The key is unlike any other product 
  • It promises to reduce contact with surfaces when out 
  • Made up of a 260 brass allow
  • The ergonomic design has multiple uses 
  • Its manufacturer is based in the United States 
  • Contacting the company is easy 
  • They have a 100% refund policy 

Cons of purchasing Milspin COVID Key

  • The key does not work on hard touch screen surfaces 
  • The company takes too long to deliver 
  • They deliver only within the United States 
  • Return details are not clear 
  • They only allow online payments 
  • The key is available for $20, which is expensive

Customer reviews of the product by Milspin

The website boasts of positive reviews of their Milspin COVID Key. 

A commenter on their Instagram page comments that he bought a two-pack of the COVID keys and that he would be using it a lot as he faces difficulty in making payments at the car wash. 

Another, claims to have fallen in love with the craftsmanship and the fact that all their products are made in the United States. 

A YouTube video about the key shows in full detail how the key fails to work on thicker touch screens. But the hook helps in opening doors and others. But isn’t worth the $20 plus shipping. 

Final Verdict- 

The Milspin site looks legit as it has a valid SSL certificate and provides proper contact details. Thus, telling you that the website is legit. They also mention to contact them if you wish to make returns and get refunds. 

So, making payments online on their site would be secure. The key, too, gets a thumbs up and will come in handy. You must also check out the other products that they offer. 

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