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Minamola Reviews {Jan 2021} Is Minamola Legit Or Scam?

Minamola Reviews {Jan 2021} Is Minamola Legit Or Scam
Minamola Reviews {Jan 2021} Is Minamola Legit Or Scam? >> If you want to shop for winter season products but don’t know the website’s legitimacy, then please read the below article.

Minamola Reviews:  Internet accessibility is growing very fast and reached every corner of the world. Easy accessibility to the internet changes the life of everyone. Now every second business is on the internet, and people can buy and sell from the websites. In this pandemic, the demand for online shopping increased drastically. 

But most people used online websites for shopping for fashionable clothes. Online stores always offer new products at a reasonable price. Here, we have a website that deals with women’s fashion and accessories in Norway, the United States, and the Netherlands

Besides this, many websites are a scam website that attracts customers by selling products at a low price. Let us find the answer to the question Is Minamola Legit

An Overview of

It is an online shopping website that claims to deal with fashion products with health and cosmetics accessories. On it, people can shop for shoes, watches, socks, chair covers, jackets, healing pencil, pressure point massager, and a few other products. 

Besides this, the huge difference between the original price and the selling price creates dubious about quality. Further, before shopping on a website, shoppers must know that website is authentic or not. Let us help you with it through Minamola Reviews.

Specifications of the Minamola com

Few necessary details of the website are given below:

  • URL: if you are curious about to take a look at it, then please click at
  • Website creation date: It was created on 22 November 2020.
  • Website domain expiry: This website is registered only for one year. It will expire on 22 November 2021.
  • Email Contact: this website use the public domain email id to contact customers that is
  •  Products: The shoppers can shop for autumn shoes, winter jackets, wristwatches, Socks, chair covers, eyebrow epilator, baby foot peeling, Chinese dragon ball, and few other products. 
  • Products description: In the item description, you will get an overview of available Colors, Size, Size chart, the material used, Fabric used, and products refund conditions. Let us get details of terms through Minamola Reviews.
  • Shipping Details: This website does shipping worldwide, and shipping time varies for every country. Further, it does free standard shipping worldwide.
  • Refund: All products on the website show 60 days money back satisfaction guarantee period. Also, the website accepts returns on few products within 30 days of its receipt date.
  • Payment modes: On shopping from this website, users can pay through Visa Card, Paypal, American Express, Apple pay, Bancontact, EPS, Google Pay, iDEAL, Master Card, and Maestro card.
  • Newsletter: For updates from this website, you can subscribe to its Newsletter.

Before ordering any product from a website, shoppers have to know the website’s pros and cons. Let us take a look at the pros and cons through Minamola Reviews.

Pros of Minamola com

  • The website is protected with HTTPS security for online transactions.
  • It does free shipping worldwide.
  • Size chart is available for clothes for exact size order.

Cons of Minamola com

  • This website uses the public domain email to contact customers. 
  • This website not mentioned any phone number for telecommunication service and queries.
  • Further, it also missed the details of the physical address to mention on the website.
  • Besides it, this website has not any social media account for product promotions and share.
  • Free worldwide shipping creates doubt on websites’ authenticity.
  • Low Prices of all products red flagged the product quality and services of the website.
  • We were not able to find public opinion for website products and services.
  • The website does not mention refund, return, and shipping terms on the website.

Is Minamola Legit?

After getting through the pros and cons, we find that list of cons is more extensive than the pros of the website. Further, it also missed primary information to mention. So, this website is not legit.

What did Minamola’s Product Buyers think about it?

During the website overview, we don’t find any public opinion on the internet. However, the website shows very few reviews, but these reviews are not public thoughts. So, without considering public reviews, we don’t want to say about website services and quality.

Minamola Reviews: Final Verdict

After considering the above thoughts, we get that website has a negative appearance. Though it is too early to conclude its legitimacy, but we can conclude that this is not a legit website, and is highly suspicious and a possible scam. 

So, we suggest customers look for another authentic website for shopping. For more details about it, please write to us in the comments section below.


  1. I noticed their copyright is ‘Copyright © MinaMala 2020 ‘ and their name is ‘MinaMola’. That mistake was made another time on their website. I noticed also they were selling a ‘fat tire electric scooter’ with hydraulic brakes capable of speeds up to 76 mph for $69 on Facebook. Let that sink in for a while.

    1. I bought two and o haven’t received them and I ordered them 12 /26/20 and and I’ve emailed them several times and no response I thought I was to good to be true and I only wanted one but I couldn’t get a hold of them to CANCEL DO YOU know how I can get my money back. That would be awesome and my review of mina mola or mina mala total scam F in customer service they said they respond in 24 hr but no they don’t respond at all

      1. I purchased one December 22 nd and haven’t heard a thing. Tried contacting and there was no response. It’s a scam!! Do not perchase anything from this website.

  2. On December 18th bought two electric scooters from them. I have emailed them three times with no response. And the tracking numbers don’t work for dhl. How can we get our money back. Would facebook be responsible.

  3. Kjøpte jakke til kr 399;- I nov 2020, har ikke sett den. Fikk ikke sporingsnummer . Har skrevet Mail utallige ganger, får ikke svar, SVINDEL

  4. I’m still waiting on four scooters. They never respond to any emails. And now when i visit the shop it says do you want to buy the domain. I got a false tracking number. They have no phone number.. they made sure they took their money though.

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