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Minus Cal Reviews 2020 – It Is the Next Gen Product?

Minus Cal Reviews 2020 – It Is the Next Gen Product

Minus Cal Reviews 2020 – It Is the Next-Gen Product? -> This article talks about the facts of Minus Cal. The high protein and zero fat is a reason for choosing this bar over any other.

The Minus Cal came into existence due to the human desire for a healthy snack in their daily life. As the 21st century came upon, people got obsessed with being thin. The past century witnessed the distinction between the beautiful and the ugly. Though not so prominent, it did set some beautiful images that were referred to as the standard by the world. 

Earlier people wanted to lose weight and become slim to fit in their standard of beauty. However, the goal remains the same. What changed is the reason to do it. As statistics show, people with excessive fat in their bodies and minimum movement fall prey to strokes and heart attacks.

America, Canada and such developed countries have high rates of people suffering from obesity. Developing countries like India are suffering from an unhealthy diet. Middle class and lower-middle-class people find it very difficult to buy a healthy meal and end up consuming junk food. 

The young people and children are the major consumers of unhealthy food resulting in poor mental and physical health in the overall country.

Why is Minus Cal so popular?

The main USP of this bar is that it comes in three flavors. The chocolate-like bar will not only give people the much-needed vitamins and proteins but also fill their tummies. 

What is Minus Cal?

Minus Cal Reviews It is a healthy snack for people of all types. It comes in three different flavors namely – Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Apple Cinnamon. Unlike other protein bars, Minus Cal has pure ingredients that the company promises without any filler. 

Who needs Minus Cal?

Minus Cal Reviews It is for people who have a hectic schedule. Professionals and athletes who do not like to waste a colossal amount of time preparing a healthy dish will benefit from buying Minus Cal. It targets youth and middle-aged people alike. 

Doctors and other medical professionals have started putting their patients on a strict diet and a regular exercise regime. The statistics of people dying in weight-related diseases are going up every year. The metropolitan lifestyle has given people less or no time to join or start the exercise.

Hence, an average working professional will only start taking their health seriously when they are on the verge of death. Dangerous diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol are present in every 1 out of 5 people today. 

Advantages of Minus Cal

The benefits of eating Minus Cal are numerous. 

  1. It is easy to pack in your bag. 
  2. The lightweight bar can store anywhere and everywhere. 
  3. It provides nourishment to your body. 
  4. It contains Choleve tea that blocks fat from storing in your body. 
  5. Its presence of proteins and fibers provides energy for the day.
  6. It saves you from draining a huge amount of money.

Ingredients of Minus Cal

Minus Cal is a high protein bar manufactured to fill you up during your hectic days. It saves you from spending a huge amount of money on unnecessary junk food and is quick to eat. Below we have listed down the ingredients of this bar.

  1. One bar is 50 grams.
  2. It has 187 calories
  3. It has 9 grams of fat (13%)
  4. Saturated fat is 2g (9%)
  5. Trans fat is 0
  6. Cholesterol 7 grams (2%)
  7. Sodium 160 mg (7%)
  8. Total Carb 24 gram (8%)
  9. Fiber 11 gram (45%)
  10. Sugar 4 gram
  11. Protein 10 gram (19%)
  12. Vitamin A 0%
  13. Vitamin C 0%
  14. Calcium 5%
  15. Iron 5%

How does Minus Cal work?

Minus Cal is a protein bar that is consumed directly after opening. The proteins and vitamins present in the bar get absorbed in the body and give your body the much-needed energy. The presence of Choleve tea in the bar stops fat from getting to your body

The high fiber and protein will keep you full until your next meal of the day. It comes in three flavors for people. It has natural ingredients that are great on the go snack.

How can you eat Minus Cal?

One can consume Minus Cal at any time of the day. It doesn’t have any criteria of having to consume it only at a particular time. You do not have to cook it or follow any instructions. The protein bar can be consumed just by tearing away the wrapper and taking a bite from it.

 How is Minus Cal special?

Minus Cal is the only bar that has Choleve Tea. This ingredient helps to stop fat from getting absorbed into the body. So the bar is more like eating a dessert minus the calories.

In other bars promising similar benefits, a high amount of sugar is mixed that aids in diabetes in the consumer.

Customer Reviews

Jacqueline Robert, a 24 year old writer says, “I am very thankful to my friend who recommended me, Minus Cal. I do not have to worry about eating junk or cooking massive meals every time I am hungry. It is my go-to snack during work hours.”

Augustus Franklin, a 28 year old athlete says, “Being an athlete, I have to train constantly. My schedule leaves me no time to cook. Minus Cal is my savior in these hungry times.”

Annie Radcliffe, a 56 year old bank manager says, “I rarely have time to cook a healthy meal for myself. Thank God for Minus Cal. I pack my purse with loads of them and munch them on my way to work.”

Where to buy Minus Cal?

Minus Cal can be ordered online on the manufacturer’s Official website. Our readers can avail of a massive discount for the next thirty days.


To sum up, Minus Cal is a must-have for everyone. It is nutritious and can be packed for a long day. It is for everyone who wants to consume a sweet snack without the fear of getting fat.

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