Miosha Mask Update (June 2021) – Get Informed Here!

Miosha Mask Update 2021

Miosha Mask Update (June 2021) – Get Informed Here! >> The guide shares details about the new emergency order lifting in the region and the masking update for workplaces.

The State of Michigan in the United States has published a new Rescission of Emergency Orders, which will be effective from 22nd June 2021. The order was passed after observing that the case rates, positive rates, hospitalization, and death ratio across the state have reduced. 

The availability of vaccines has restricted the spreading of COVID-19 in the state. So, the department has rescinded emergency orders, including face masks and gathering orders. 

However, MIOSHA is looking forward to issuing a new set of rules for the workplaces and employees. So, what is the Miosha Mask Update?   

What is Miosha?

Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or MIOSHA, is the state-governed agency that regulates workplace health and safety in the state. It is the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs wing, and the agency is operated under the formal state-plan agreement with the OSHA in the United States

The agency is liable for assuring the health and safety of the working conditions for the employees across the state. It administers MIOSHA ACT 154 of 1974. The agency ensures healthy and safe working conditions by combining outreach, enforcement and collaborative partnerships.

Since the emergency epidemic orders were lifted, the workforce wants to know the new MIOSHA guidelines.

What is the New Miosha Mask Update?

The circular issued by the state for lifting the capacity, distancing, and masking mandates effective from 22nd June, one thing that was not clarified is the new MIOSHA rules and guidelines for workplaces. 

As per the new rules, the social distancing, capacity limits and mask mandates will be removed from 22nd June 2021. Besides, the testing protocols are also relaxed. However, the protocols and rules set by MIOSHA for workplaces will remain intact, and they are considered effective until 14th Oct 2021.

So, the Miosha Mask Update is that all employees and workers must wear a mask until any changes in the MIOSHA’s guidelines. The guidelines will remain effective till 14th Oct 2021.

All MIOSHA guidelines are industry-specific, mentioning what is allowed at the workplace regarding COVID-19 protocols and precautions to keep the workforce healthy and safe. 

When MIOSHA Expects to Amend the Rules?

Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration is planning to issue a new set of guidelines for the workplaces, and it is expected to release on 22nd June 2021. However, Michigan’s mask mandate has been lifted from 22nd June, and unvaccinated and vaccinated people are no longer required to wear a mask. But, MIOSHA has not issued any Miosha Mask Update and confirmed whether its rules and guidelines would align with the new circular of the state government.          

MIOSHA is expected to amend the rules on the same day to comply with the new OSHA guidelines for the workplaces, replacing the existing emergency rules set to expiry by 14th Oct 2021, as confirmed by Michigan COVID-19 Workplace Safety Director Sean Egan. You may read the new guidelines here.    


Despite lifting the emergency orders for COVID-19, MIOSHA has not amended anything in their set guidelines and masking mandate. Therefore, there is no new Miosha Mask Update as the old set guidelines will remain effective till 14th Oct 2021.  

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