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Mirth Wordle {June} Explore All Hints, Correct Answer!

The article is about Mirth Wordle. Kindly visit the full post to know details on mirth and wordle game.

Did you get the answer to Wordle #355? What possible guesses did you try? Wordle is a daily puzzle in which you have to guess the different words every day. Many people are looking for the word mirth. Is mirth related to Wordle? All the questions will be answered in this post. Several players Worldwide are finding words related to mirth. 

So in this article, we will discuss Mirth Wordle.

What is mirth? 

Mirth is not a Wordle-inspired game. Mirth is nothing but a word related to today’s Wordle answer. Mirth can be defined as happiness that is expressed by laughter. Synonyms for mirth are gaiety, hilarity, laughter, levity, etc. Unfortunately, some people are misinterpreting mirth as a game or answer to today’s (9 June 2022) wordle. 

No doubt, today’s Wordle answer rhymes with word mirth. In Wordle, you will get different mystery words daily that you must guess within six attempts. There are many words that are unheard of by several players. Here we will reveal the answer to Wordle #355. 

Mirth game

Mirth is not a Wordle-inspired game. However, mirth can be said as the rhyming word for today’s answer. Here we will discuss the answer to Wordle #355. Before revealing the answer, we would like to provide hints. You can guess the answer after looking at the hints. 

Hint for Wordle #355:

  • The meaning of the word is a measurement of something, especially used for the waist of a person.
  • The word includes one vowel.
  • The word has quite similar pronunciation as mirth.

Did you get the answer after these hints? If not, then don’t worry. We are going to reveal the answer shortly. As per Mirth Wordle, the answer to Wordle #356 is “GIRTH.” Girth means a measurement around anything, but it is especially used to measure the waist of a person.

Definition of Girth and Mirth

Girth and mirth have the only pronunciation difference in an alphabet. However, there is a huge difference in the meaning of both words. Some people guessed it was a mirth but could find the one letter needed to reach the correct answer. 

Girth can be defined as a measurement of around something. Mirth can be defined as happiness or gladness that is expressed by laughter. Mirth Definition is far different from girth’s definition. Some players were misinterpreting mirth as today’s answer. But the answer is girth. Visit this page to know more amazing details and facts on Wordle’s answers.


Summing up the article, we have discussed in-depth information on the word mirth. We have also mentioned hints and answers to today’s Wordle. You will find plenty of details about the Wordle and mystery words in this article. You will know the meaning and definition of the word mirth and girth. You can visit this link if you want to play Wordle

What are your views on Mirth Wordle? Comment in the comment section.

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