Mivacunasalud Com Mx (Feb) Get The Information Here!

Mivacunasalud Com Mx 2021.

Mivacunasalud Com Mx (Feb) Get The Information Here! >> This post gives you some useful and vital information about an online vaccine registration portal.

Mivacunasalud com mx is the Mexican government website where older people can now register to get vaccinated and get the much-needed immunity from the Coronavirus. There are some problems with this website, making users unable to register themselves or access this platform. If you’re interested in knowing more about it, please keep reading this article. 

We’re going to reveal all the issues with this website and what the government has said in response to it. This issue is gaining traction on social media in several nearby countries, including the United States

What is Mivacunasalud com mx?

It, also translated as My Vaccine Health, is an online portal launched by the Mexican Government. The vaccination process for older citizens above sixty years of age has already begun, and they can register on this website. However, users are expressing difficulty in accessing and using this website. Some users have mentioned that this website fails to load and only opens with a few specific browsers. 

As this issue isn’t allowing users to access this platform, it has become an issue and a matter of concern in Mexico and countries like the United States.  Please stay connected to know more about Mivacunasalud com mx.

Users are worried about how they will be able to register for vaccination. They have taken to social media to voice their problems, which has made this term quite popular.

What is the Issue with this Website? 

  • The government portal for vaccination registration and appointments is down.
  • It’s been nearly three since some issues are persisting with this website.
  • The site is primarily for older citizens to apply for vaccination.
  • Users have reported being unable to access the page and claim that it always keeps loading.
  • Users have expressed difficulty entering data on Mivacunasalud com mx.
  • Some were greeted with errors and pop-up messages.
  • Users have mentioned that these problems arise prominently during times of high user activity.

Has the Government Responded to it?

Some government officials have acknowledged this issue and please look at the information below to know their response:

  • The general director of Health, Ricardo Cortés, acknowledged this issue recently.
  • He said that the issue with the website is temporary and will be fixed shortly.
  • He further added that the people who have received a call from the government regarding vaccination do not necessarily need to register on Mivacunasalud com mx.

Customer Reviews

Users took to social media to express their disappointment and difficulty in accessing this platform. Users reached out to the official social media handles of government pages, which led to this issue gaining popularity. 

Final Verdict

The online portal for registration of vaccination for senior citizens is currently down. Health officials have said that the problem will be fixed shortly if it hasn’t already been fixed. All the other information is given above. 

Did you have to face any difficulty because of the problem with this website? Are you satisfied with the government’s response towards it? Let us know what you think of Mivacunasalud com mx in the comments section below. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding any query.

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