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Mjx Store Review 2020 : Is It Worthy to Purchase?

Mjx Store Review 2020 : Is It Worthy to Purchase? >> In this article, you read about a foldable drone with GPS.

Want to capture the best aerial views? Click them with Mjx Drone.

Clicking pictures and getting them clicked has become a hobby of people these days. If you are a photographer and would like to enhance your photography, then trying aerial view pictures might help you.

Mjx Store is currently trending in the United State. Photography is not just a passion or interest anymore; it has become a business. Several photographers are earning colossal amount only through their clicks.

Some have made it a full-time hobby, and they are excelling in it. If you are one of those, then this drone camera is going to be the best option for you.

What is Mjx Store?

Mjx Store is a website from where you can buy drone cameras. They have several options to select from. All the drones have GPS in them, which do not let your drone go off track from its location. You can always keep an eye on the site of your drone.

Bugs series Brushless foldable drone with GPS is one of the most sold drone cameras of 2019.

The camera has a 7.6V high-quality Lithium-ion battery, which comes with an energy-optimized system and lets your drone fly for more than 20 minutes.

To use the drone with more efficiency, you can use it on the “M RC PRO” app, and that will allow you to see what your drone camera is recording. This website also sells camera components like different aerial cameras, goggles, receiver displays, etc.

Why is Mjx Store known worldwide?

This e-store is well known among photographers. It is because on this single website they get to buy drones of different series like in X-series- X108G, X104G, Z708P, & X708 are available and in Bugs series- bugs 4W, Bugs 3 pro, Bugs 3, Bugs 3 Mini, Bugs 2 SE, Bugs 5W, Bugs 8 Pro, & Bugs 8 are available.

One will find camera components like sports cameras and various types of aerial cameras on this website. The website is designed brilliantly, and the customers get to view good images of the products.

Is Mjx Store worth your money?

Various companies sell cameras and its components. Some of them are very well known. A company like the MJX store seems new to the market, and it does not look promising at all. Now that people are aware of online scams, they want to read all the details on the website before placing the order. Attaching good images cannot attract a loyal audience.

This website has focused only on adding eye-catching images while rest of the info about them, refund policy, shipping, and delivery data, exchange or return data, all of these critical aspects are missing from the website.

The website has a few series as an option that a customer can select from, but every drone and its component lacks in providing complete information about those added items.

Specifications of Mjx Store:

  • Models- X-series, Bugs series,
  • Heatless mode
  • Optical flow positioning
  • 4K Wi-Fi camera
  • Brushless motor
  • LCD screen
  • Mechanical Gimbal stabilization
  • Video recording- 4K
  • Wide-angle lens
  • 4-in-1 electronic speed controller
  • 6V Li-ion battery
  • Can fly up to 22 minutes
  • Left/right throttle control available on the remote
  • LED lights for night assistance

Pros of Mjx Store:

  • One store; multiple drone and camera options
  • The prices are low
  • Premium quality material

Cons of Mjx Store:

  • The website lacks proper info
  • No mentions about shipping/delivery/return/refund policy
  • No info about the mode of payment
  • Proper product specifications are not added

Final Verdict

Photography is one of the emerging fields that has seen a lot of development over the past few years. Some companies that design a camera and its equipment has made an essential place in the market while some ended up just being a copy.

MJX store has a variety of options for the buyers, but there seems no trust point based on which customers can think of buying from them. Before placing the order, customers want to know about the specifications of the models, shipping, and delivery time that it will take and a lot more. But all of this info is completely missing from the website.

The only thing that can catch the attention of the public is its images. All the efforts have been just put on designing the images.

We recommend our customers to go through the social media pages of this website and also ask in the network before placing the order on this site.

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