Mneb Scam (June 2021) Get Details How To Stay Safe!

Mneb Online Website Reviews

Mneb Scam (June 2021) Get Details How To Stay Safe! >> Scroll down this article to get some essential and relevant details about the platform’s authenticity.

Have you also invested your funds in cryptocurrencies? Have you tried out the platforms before? Are you looking out for the new wallets to exchange the same? Do you have enough knowledge about these platforms?

In this article below, we will discuss some legitimacy factors of a wallet and are going to discuss Mneb ScamPeople Worldwide have been continually asking about the scam, and the details of the same are mentioned below for your reference!

What is Minereum?

The website claims this to be the first self-mining smart contract. If you head over to their webpage, you will find all the related information about the platform. They have mentioned that all the existing cryptocurrencies have something common the and the same is their mining system.

They have thus gone back to the basics and have rephrased the approaches to bring out something new of the existing ones.

But the question lies is whether Mneb Scam or not!

Specification and Community Details:

The symbol for this token is MNE, and the same has eight decimals. The contract address of the same is 0x426ca1ea2406c07d75db9585f22781c096e3d0e0. This is from a community forum, and the same is bitcoin talk. The Twitter and telegram links of the platforms are @minereumtoken and @MinereumToken.

The platform was launched back in 2017, and around 2020, 1,197,634 Genesis Addresses are collected for the same. Each address has over 32,000 coins, and the initial supply of the token was 38,324,288,000 MNE.

Scroll down to get clarity about Mneb Scam.

How to Mine the MNE?

The mining for the same will run for around 100,000,000 Ethereum, and it has also blocked the rewards for 0.00032 MNE per block. This thus makes the mining process run efficiently for over more than 50 years.

It can be exchanged on Coinsbit, WhiteBIT, Uniswap, Indo EX, HotBit, DigiFinex and various other platforms.  

Details about Mneb Scam:

We are not able to fetch any reliable link directing the authenticity of the platform. There is a video link available over the internet which states that this is a 100% scam. This is because of the fake claims made by the platform, and the same isn’t justified.

Also, not much information about this coin is mentioned over the internet.

Final Verdict:

In this article, we have mentioned all the details about Mneb Scam and check here how to Protect Yourself From Online Scam. The same seems to be true as there are not many links available for the platform. Still, we advise our readers to get their clarification done on their own before using the Mneb platform.

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