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Modifiedapps Dot Com (March 2022) Check An Update Here!

Modifiedapps Dot Com (March 2022) Check An Update Here! >> In this post, you will know about a new platform that provides the hacked version of premium applications for free.

Are you searching for ways to avoid paying for premiums in platforms like Spotify? Then this post might be of interest to you. In this post, we will review a blog that gives you free versions of premium applications. There are tons of spoof and mod versions of famous premium applications, but most are not trustworthy. 

The blog that gives you free versions of premium apps is known as modifiedapps.com, but many Worldwide are searching for it as Modifiedapps dot Com

So, should you trust modifiedapps.com? Let us discuss that further in this post.

What is Modifiedapps.com? 

It is an average blog website that is getting the attention of many people currently. This blog gives you free versions of paid applications and hacked versions of famous games. The blog looks fairly new, and there are only two articles posted in this blog at the time of writing. 

The concept of this blog is to provide free versions of paid applications and tutorials for installing those applications on your device from their own platform. But the free applications are mostly not safe to install on your device, so let us see the legitimacy of the applications provided on this platform.

Is Modifiedapps dot Com Legit or Safe to Use?

  • Overview – The platform looks a bit shady because it does not have many posts. 
  • Domain Age – The domain age of this platform is only eight days which means it is created on 8 August 2021. This platform is too new to be trusted for free applications.
  • Domain Age Expiry The domain is valid till 8th August 2022.
  • Security – This platform is powered by WordPress, so it is safe to surf this blog. 
  • Trust Index – The trust index of this platform is only 2% and the trust rank is 64.6/100.
  • Installation – The links provided on this platform to install IOS and android devices are also broken.
  • Our Opinion – Hacked versions of the application are not safe to use even if you install it from Modifiedapps dot Com or anywhere on the internet because nobody assures you about its safety. 

Reviews of Modifiedapps.com 

This platform is too new, and the popularity of this platform is also not much. The platform only has few reviews, which shows that this platform is not that famous. The review on one of the blogs of this platform are as follows “Thank you,” “Really good app.” 

Few reviews are not enough to assure the safety of the hacked versions of applications available on this platform. So, the customer review on this Modifiedapps dot Com also does not prove the legitimacy of the apps available on this platform.

The Final Verdict

Installing hacked versions of the apps or applications is not officially legal, plus there is a huge risk of getting hacked by using these free applications. Moreover, we have only provided you with the information. So, we advise that you should use official platforms to ensure your device security.

What do you think of this platform and the platforms that provide a hacked version of applications? Let us know in the comment section below. Also, share Modifiedapps dot Com post to inform others.

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