Monopolist NFT {Nov 2021} Know Its Complete Features!

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In this post, we have discussed the new play to earn game called The Monopolist and its new The Monopolist NFT Collection.

Are you looking for a new online game to play? Do you love playing monopoly board games? If yes, then keep on reading this post.

The Monopolist is a new earning game offering NFTs and other economic features. Many people worldwide, especially in Thailand, Spain, Brazil, United States, want to know more about it. So, in this post, we will discuss Monopolist NFT.

About The Monopolist

The Monopolist is a new online play to earn game inspired by the board game Monopoly. The game is based on real estate transactions. There are also NFTs included in the game, which provide many in-game economy benefits and user experiences. 

The game The Monopolist lets players build their tactics to win among other players by rolling dice, building properties, investing in land, collecting accommodation rent and many more things. When a player emerges as a battle winner, they earn virtual in-game token $MONO or $MOB and new characters and items that they can use in the NFT market. Before learning more about The Monopolist NFT, let us discuss the game ecosystem. 

About The Monopolist In-game Ecosystem

  • Gameplay – Players can use their tactics through investing, rolling dice, collecting fees and more things to win in the game.
  • Collection – Players can earn NFT, characters and dice in exchange for $MONO tokens in the game.
  • Dix – Players earn $MOB when they win the game. They can exchange the $MOB in the Dix area.
  • Staking – Players can earn more $MONO tokens through staking in the game, and the more they Skate, the more incentive value they can claim.
  • Marketplace – In the game, The Monopolist characters, medals, dice, and boxes can be swapped in the NFT market.

About The Monopolist NFT Collection 

The Monopolist has a variety of NFTs. There are some NFTs that are available right now, as the game is fairly new. However, they will surely add more NFTs in the near future. So, lets us take a look at the NFT collection currently available in the game:

  • Normal Character – Players can have characters from the A, B, C, and S levels. The greater the character’s level, the more severe power they can have. These can be obtained via purchasing items on the market, completing missions, or opening boxes.
  • Legendary Character – This character has only one level, which is the R rank. In The Monopolist NFT Collection, R stands for rare. Thus you may get it by attending special events, opening unique boxes, or bidding at auctions.
  • Medal – Characters at levels A, S, or R have spaces where the badges and medals can be attached. Players can receive greater farming rates if they have more medals tied to their characters.
  • Dice – There are various dice with varied skins that may be gathered through completing missions, opening boxes, purchasing just on the NFT market, or bidding on auctions.


The Monopolist game has a small variety of NFT, as the game is fairly new. In upcoming launches, they plan to add more NFTs. Visit the official The Monopolist Twitter account Was this article on The Monopolist NFT helpful to you? If yes, comment on your favourite NFT in the collection.

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