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Montana Buffalo Bags Reviews {Sept 2020} Safe Deal Or Scam!

Montana Buffalo Bags Reviews 2020

Montana Buffalo Bags Reviews {Sept 2020} Safe Deal Or Scam! -> This article is about a website dealing with the supply of leather items through online methods.

Hello!! Are you in a lookout for a website that can supply leather items to you online? We have found one for you. But is it genuine and without any limitation? Read this study and get the answer. Most of the time, we study the website for placing the order, but we forget to select a legit one over a scam. This study is for finding the legitimacy of the website. Because you are the first-timer to buy go through our MontanaBuffaloBagsReviews. 

The United States has become the address of scam websites, and fraud sellers. is an online store for selling leather items like purses, bags, jackets, shoes, gloves, and wallets. This study is done to help online buyers protect themselves from scam websites. 

You will get all the information about a particular site; hence do not skip any information and read the complete article.

What is is a well-designed bags website. It is presenting all the products with the end of season sale today via worldwide shipping of limited products. However, as far as part of online purchasing is concern, website authenticity study should be given priority because you will be sending your money to a third party for purchasing the goods.

All the mentioned items are available on the website; however, the seller is dreaming of selling in more than one country. The site is selling all the products at no cost, which is hard to believe. 

Though this site is gaining a lot of popularity among users, it’s essential to check its legitimacy. 

Specifications of

  • Products Detail: Leather usable items like purses, bags, jackets, shoes, gloves, and wallets.
  • Shipping: Approach of transportation is not mentioned
  • Shipping charges: Shipping charges have not been mentioned.
  • Delivery Approach: Number of days is different for different countries
  • Refund and Return: no refund is available for items that are on season sale. 
  • The approach of payment: Bank Transaction
  • Website ID: Email id:
  • Phone Number.: Phone number is not available
  • Address of the company: Not mentioned on the website

Positivity’s of

  • You can have a wide variety of latest leather items in the latest design.
  • Products are available for different locations hence can be sent as a gift through company to friends located at different stations.
  • Free one day sale of restricted items is also available.
  • The layout of the website is attractive 
  • Method of payment is made clear i.e., via local bank transaction
  • From one place, products are available to many places.


  • There is no provision on the website where customer can express their views.
  • OnlyLeather products are being supplied from one end.
  • It can be referred from the specification that many required items have not been provided.
  • The website icon for accessing online platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. is not present.
  • Provision is not made for receiving cash after delivery of items.
  • The duration of processing and delivery is very high.
  • Products will be shipped during busy business days
  • Address of the company is not included
  • The approach of payment is only one i.e., via local banks
  • Company has not mentioned its bank name
  • There are two websites in operations with the same interface, images, and contact details. 

Is the website legit? 

After looking at the website, one can say that website is legit, but when you go through the website thoroughly, you will come up with a different look. This website has a lot of loopholes. First, this website does not have much contact information. Second, there are two more websites in operation with the same email id used by this website. Last, the website does not have any about us page. 

The opinion of the customer for

From the casual study website design appear to be excellent, but the main disappointing point is it has not provided a column of customer review. Also, on the website, the sellers do not become active in the online platform. Hence how will we know about customers’ opinions who have placed an order by observing the site?

We have done further research on other analytical tools of website and found that Website popularity is shallow, and the domain name was created just two months ago.


Keeping in view many limitations associated with the website, can be taken as a scam site. Because this website is similar to some other suspicious websites, your money can have risks. However, from our side, it is not recommended to order directly from Montana Buffalo Company without satisfying all queries from the supplier.


    1. We are happy to help you, and we suggesting go through the site or customer care number for knowing the shipping charge are available or not on delivery.

    2. Complete scam- received 1 bag of three . Asked for a refund and were to return. They did reply and say they have no refund policy and no place to ship back.
      The bag was mediocre at best.

    3. Yes its a scam ,I ordered three bags, and I ended up paying 219.00 for shipping, and handling. Buyer beware, I will never trust an online site again . How dare they take advantage of hard working people and to beat all the quality is poor.Facebook you should have never allowed them to advertise and I wouldn’t have made the purchase. I’m mad I work hard for my money.

  1. I have ordered to Brisbane Australia will update an outcome. It works out leather is bonded or vynil and I will be out of pocket the entire shipping expense. I will close my bank account and direct work to pay me in another account.

    1. Don’t get upset because the genuine site will help you and the team will resolve your query… thank you…

  2. I just ordered several items from them, didnt think the shipping was excessive due my husband ordering many items from the states costs are high. But will let you know if I receive items. I paid by credit card so do I need to cancel this card?

    1. It could be to late PLEASE READ THEIR RETURN POLICY. If it’s on sale you can even cancel the order
      They got me

  3. I purchased a bag on sale from them. When it arrived, it smelled like someone took a dump inside. I emailed the company and received a reply, “Sorry ” Attached was a video about getting smells out of bags. None of them worked. I emailed the company again. They replied, saying I couldn’t return the bag because it was on sale – their policy. Even though they sent me a DEFECTIVE bag, no refund. This is a crap company. Do not purchase from them . I doubt my bag is leather

  4. This is crap! I paid $140 in shipping for two bags. There’s not a scrap of buffalo hide on either one. PU leather is artificial leather, people. These bags aren’t worth $70. I’m not even proud of them. I’ll be getting rid of them. This company is shady and out to rip off people! The whole deal makes me sick to my stomach. (MBS, this is NOT the way to succeed in business. You suck. Shame on you!)

  5. Don’t purchase from this company with reading their return policy. If it’s on sale you can’t cancel your order less alone return it if your not happy..they got me on a couple of belts even though I emailed them the same day to contact me before shipping. After 3 emails and their response that someone from their WONDER CUSTOMER SUPORT DEPARTMENT WOULD RESPOND IN 48 hrs the only response after 2 weeks was that my order was shipped. Only response was from my credit card company 2 weeks after reversing the credit Card company charges Was from the credit card bank rejecting my claim.

  6. It’s a complete bull shit product , not leather , as soon as I opened it was a fucking disappointing sight.
    Stay away from these Chinese thieves tell your friends it’s rubbish .

  7. 90 dollars for shipping to canada, I cancelled the order, never entered my credit card number, and too be honest who gives away free real leather bags. Company doesn’t give a phone number or an address . I wondered where it was coming from for those shipping charges.I ordered from china and it doesn’t even come close to that amount.

  8. I ordered a jacket and a bag from this company. Its typical mis-sized chinese crap. The jacket I ordered was a XXL and it fits me like a fat guy in a little jacket. (sing the song) I usually wear a L or XL in smaller clothing lines. This jacket is no where near even a large. I did get the bag, as I figured it couldn’t be that bad of a deal. The bag was nice, it is pretty well made. It does smell a little industrial, but I used it and it functions well and the smell went away fairly quickly. So, I wrote the company about my jacket…I got the “sorry” email back. I guess I will give it to some 10 year old in my neighborhood cuz it damn sure ain’t fittin’ no full grown man I know.

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