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Moofly Masks Reviews [May] Is This A Legitimate Website?

Moofly Masks Reviews [May] Is This A Legitimate Website? >–> In this review, we will learn about an anti-pollution mask, which reusable and washable.

Are you one of those who are afraid of stepping out of your house during these COVID-19 days? Presently, people across the globe are fighting COVID-19, which has made our life difficult. Now, we can safeguard our family and friends with the help of Moofly Masks.

There are a large number of masks available in the market, and every manufacturer claims to offer the best product. As the company is new, less number of Moofly Masks Reviews is available. The item is 100 % cotton, and the people can wash and reuse, which makes it a perfect choice for households.

People in the United-State are most troubled because of CORONA, and to keep the residents safe, the store launched. The masks cover your nose, mouth, and chin, offering protection against various airborne diseases. Though it does not provide complete safety, it slows down the transmission.

What is Moofly Masks?

Moofly Masks are reusable and washable items covering the face to protect an individual’s health from air pollution. These are 100 % smooth cotton, which is safe for your skin and is washable for 30 times. Moreover, it comes with reusable cotton ear loops for lasting comfort and fits well with everyone regardless of gender.

As per the manufacturer, an email is sent to every customer with the tracking information while shipping the order. One can shop following the four simple steps:

  • Select the favorite product and add them to cart
  • Enter the billing information along with the shipping details
  • Choose the shipping method
  • Check out

Specifications of Moofly

  • Name of the store: Moofly
  • Mask Type: Reusable and washable double layer masks
  • Shipping Time: 2-3 days after purchase
  • Return: Applicable (only if the product is flawed and the quality is poor)
  • Refund: Applicable (Sale items are not eligible for return and refund)
  • Write to us: Support@moofly.store Address: S Great Southwest Pky, Grand Prairie, Texas, 7505, USA.
  • SSL Security: Yes
  • Exchange: Applicable, if products are different from the image shown
  • Payment Modes: All Credit cards, Debit Cards and PayPal

Is Moofly Masks Genuine?

Whenever we talk about healthcare products, authenticity is a crucial factor in keeping your safeguard against various diseases. It is always good to ask the question about the authenticity of the safety of your family and friends. The company claims to use the best quality raw materials and utilizes the experience of specialists to keep its skin-friendly.

To collect more information, we dig in-depth online and found that most of the people had an enjoyable Moofly Mask Reviews. People are receiving products in the given time-line offering security during these days.

These masks are built in the USA, and extra safety measures are taken to keep them in high-quality and deliver the top-notch product. Furthermore, the organization looks genuine and offering various items in the industry, and the website uses SSL security – which means the data you enter is safe and encrypted. No, fraudulent activity is reported to date.

Pros of Moofly Masks

  • Two layers keeping you safe against diseases and pollution
  • Affordable price
  • Protect against transmission diseases
  • Fits well to everyone
  • Maintains good quality
  • HTTPS security
  • 100 % Cotton- Reusable and washable up to 30 times

Cons of Moofly Masks

  • No Cash on Delivery offered
  • No contact number is available on the website
  • Not approved by the FDA
  • Return fee to be borne by customers

What are customers saying?

Corona Covid-19 disease is troubling the whole world, and every country is trying hard to fight against it. Moreover, they are doing the best to develop a vaccine to save everyone around. The organization is in the market for some time, and people have positive reviews for it as the items, which the company is delivering. It makes the company genuine, and the customer service team is available 24X7 to solve all the issues relating to the item.

Final Words

Moofly Masks company is playing a significant role in helping individuals to be safe against the virus by slowing the transmission. The quality adequate, but the product is not approved by FDA creating a little doubt in mind.

People are saying kind words about it, and the company looks certified and delivers what it vows to its customers. Do let us know if you have any questions? Or comment below if you want to know more.

31 thoughts on “Moofly Masks Reviews [May] Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. Ordered today and have not received a confirmation but have been charged for the order. Could I please get a confirmation and order number ASAP. Thank you

    1. Ordered 3pk of masks, came within 7 days and very soft, nice. My bad I didn’t pay attention to the measurements and I am petite, small face so mask is WAY too big. Gave a mask to my adult son fits good, other 2 I had to sew in tucks on both sides for my adult daughter, also petite and myself. Lesson learned pay attention to measurements would have saved money.

      1. Mine are still out. I ordered them 3 weeks ago, tomorrow. Grrrrrrrr >:( DHL is awful. My order was in NY for a week then shipped to Maryland transferred to USPS. It’s still there. I’M IN FREAKING NJ!!!

  2. Have not recieved any info on delivery of my masks I ordered. Trans I’d 59255765WB745632T

  3. I ordered a mask and I did not get and confirmation that the order has been received. I saw the they charge went thru my credit card company today. I emailed the customer service on the website and I have not heard anything back. I’m concerned that this might not be a legitimate company. I’m going to call my credit card company to dispute the charges.

  4. I order a 10 pack today . I received my order number under my junk mail ! Is MOOFLY a legitamate website ?

  5. I am not a petite lady,but the mask
    Are too big and they smell.
    I thought they should have been
    Packaged in plastic bag or paper,
    But were loose in mailing bag.
    Probably made ok, but i am not happy with mine.
    Would like a refund, cant use
    As fit too loose on face.

  6. When will I receive my order. Already charged and have not received anything. When ordered, it said it would take 2-3 days. Ordered them on 5/7/2020.
    Order # RJ96923-24783

  7. I ordered yesterday and have had no confirmation. Payment shows pending though. Please confirm and will you advise when this is shipped?

  8. I purchased some masks order #RB53986-28468. Had the wrong address. I sent the correct address and have yet to receive my order. Would like to get my order or refund my $$$$.

    1. I’m experiencing the same. My order was returned to them and they are saying that UPS threw it in the garbage instead of returning it. Well..I tracked it back to them in Texas. Now they say if I send a fee to them I may get it. The customer service is in Vietnam. The time stamp on their messages back to me are about 12 hours ahead of our time. I know they are going to rip me off. They are unprofessional in every way.

  9. Would like a refund, don’t like seam in the middle, didn’t show on pictures. My order no. Rq 66883 42466. Please send return form

  10. This is a foreign company. They have a post office box in Texas that’s it. They are in Urkraine! I cancelled order immediately and they still haven’t refunded me my money. Several emails and they say they are ho,ding my money in case I change my mind! I’ve reported this company and suggest you find a real American company to buy masks from.

  11. I ordered 3 white masks on May 15,2020. Order #RN-88689-85584, and have not received the masks. Would kindly like to know when they will be shipped. Purchase was made on a credit card.

  12. Hi
    I ordered 3 white masks in the amount of $26.99 on May 15, 2020. The confirmation number generated is RN-88689-85584 This purchase was put on a Mastercard. Please e-mail me at Lenorejandrews1@hotmail.com or phone me at 803-2280204. I just want tp know when to expect the merchandise.

    Thank you,

    Lenore Andrews

  13. I ordered my masks over 9 days ago. Received confirmation and my credit card was charged the next day however I have not received my masks. I emailed customer service numerous times regarding a ship date and / or tracking number only to receive a generic email with a work order number. This sounds like a tend with this company

  14. Vietnam is where I tracked them to. They are here to rip us off. Can’t get my order or my money. The latest message was to send extra money. HAHAHA. What an awful thing to do to people during this pandemic. Contacting better business. Facebook is letting them continue.

  15. Do not like not being able to PHONE the company to talk to a HUMAN, no number listed. It is stated these masks are from the USA . I just read a comment they are from someplace in the UKRAINE??
    Sorry, no orders from me. I am buying from the USA , no hidden foreign companies that some try to hide from consumers! Not interested.

  16. Have ordered on 7/6. Received confirmation email. Was supposed to receive shipping email within 6 Business days. No shipping email 12 business days later.

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