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Why Should You Choose Mountain Bikes over Road Bikes

Are you at crossroads, whether to pick a road bike or mountain bike? The truth is, either bike is excellent for specific terrains. The mountain bike, however, comes with better features than the road bike, allowing for a more fun ride than a road bike.

A mountain bike is fitted with better suspension and thicker tires. Electric mountain bikes are also equipped with motors, assisting riders in overcoming significant obstacles, making them much more expensive than road bikes. This article will help you understand why you should pick a mountain bike over a road bike.

Offer Better Comfort

Mountain bikes have a frame geometry designed for stability, even on rough paths. It is more comfortable than on-road bikes, especially when negotiating corners and handling off-road. The geometry angles allow the rider to have a shorter reach to the handlebars and top tube, thus, better posture when cycling.

Mountain bikes offer more comfort than road bikes, offering a better shock absorber capability. The rider is less likely to fall off his bike with a mountain bike. Road bikes are suited for riding over paved surfaces, while mountain bikes are suited for off-road riding. The Turbo Levo is an excellent example of the mountain bike suspension’s value to a rider.

Mountain bikes can be categorized into hardtail and full-suspension bikes based on the suspension system. The difference between hardtail bikes and full suspension ones is that hardtails only have a front suspension system, while full suspension bikes have both a front and rear suspension system. The full suspension bikes are, therefore, better absorbers of shocks and vibrations and, therefore, much more comfortable to ride.

Lastly, the mountain bike is deemed more comfortable than the road bike due to the differences in tire pressures. The tires of a mountain bike have a lower pressure than road bikes (tires of a mountain bike are of pressures between 22 to 35 psi while those of road bikes are between 80 to 130 psi), which in turn increases its comfortability. The traction also increases, reducing the speed levels but not inhibiting the bike’s ability for comfort.

Are More Versatile

Mountain bikes will get you to more places seamlessly than road bikes. The off-road bikes can get you through gravel, dirt, mountain trails, and single track; you name it! They are not limited to certain types of roads, unlike their road bike counterparts, which are limited to paved roads.

The tires of the mountain are much thicker and have large treads compared to that of a road bike (they range from 21 to 38 mm). They are, therefore, much stronger and more durable on uneven ground. Moreover, the thick treads and sidewalls protect the mountain bike from punctures from sharp objects such as loose gravel.

The tires’ tread patterns are fitted with increased grip, contributing to mountain bike versatility. This characteristic is not even an option in road bikes as their tires are not fitted with treads. They are generally slicks; the next best thing to tread on the tires is the shallow grooves.

The thick and bulky tire patterns of the mountain bike suit different riders. It applies mainly to race, cross-country, downhill, and mud tires. When picking out tread patterns for your mountain bike, you can correctly predict the terrain you will be riding on. It will allow you to pick a great tread pattern that makes riding more effortless.

For instance, cross-country tires are fitted with a central ridge around them, making them fast-rolling. This property also makes it less capable of digging into the ground in rough terrains, affecting its acceleration and under the brake. To counter such, it is fitted with a chevron tire pattern.

Better Steering and Control

Mountain bikes come with flat handlebars, while road bikes come with drop bars. The handlebars are much easier to ride with as they are wider, offering more leverage and thereby being able to steer more precisely. A significant movement of the flat handlebars does, in essence, provide a minor movement of the front wheel.

Due to the upright positioning of a mountain bike, you can maneuver the bike more easily as less body weight is subjected to the bike, thereby quicker turning of the handlebar. Since the handlebars are at your fingertips, you can stop using the brake levers much faster.

Additionally, the sophisticated suspension system gives the rider more control on uneven terrain and provides more stability against shock and vibrations, making it the best e-bike for exploring outdoors. 

Wider Gear Range

Choosing from a wide range of gear grades makes any mountain bike tick. Due to significant steps between gears, mountain bikes offer such a range with a much lower gearing than that of road bikes. A typical mountain bike will have a 1x gear set-up that allows them to have an extensive cassette at the rear. The 1x set-up means they have only one chain ring at the front and multiple gears at the rear. There are also mountain bikes with 2x and 3x set-ups that offer up to 36 gear speeds.

Are Easier to Customize

As mountain bikes are much more versatile, this makes them all the easier to customize. The rider can choose from a variety of tire thicknesses and tread patterns. They are also able to choose between the hardtail and full suspension systems. Mountain bikes come in a heavy-duty frame that enables the rider to fit trunks, speedometers, or even a kid’s seat at the rear, which is impossible on a road bike. That said, you must also learn the do’s and don’ts of each bike for better maintenance and a longer lifespan.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons riders should opt for a mountain bike rather than a road bike. The mountain bike is especially great for riders starting their cycling adventures as it offers more comfort and a more comprehensive gear range and can be easily customized to suit specific needs. The bike also allows the rider to practice his technical skills in a safer and more fun setting.

So, if you are wondering which bike is better? Get yourself a mountain bike!

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