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AI has made its grand entry, and now some companies are bringing out newer techniques for tutoring kids using robots. The latest to catch the attention of users Worldwide is the Moxie Robot. It is a new release that a start-up announced in California named Embodied.

The announcement has instilled a curiosity in the public who want to know more about the robot and its workings. In this article, we provide a detailed explanation of Moxie Robot Price.

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Introducing The Moxie Robot

Moxie is an animate robot designed by a Californian start-up company called the Embodied. Their latest release of robots is designed for children aged between five and 10 years. The objective behind the robot is to provide a companion for children with whom they can interact, listen and even recognize people.

The announcement has caught the likes of people Worldwide. We will highlight how the robot works in the coming sections and divulge the Moxie Robot Price. So, keep reading ahead.

How does Moxie Help Children in Learning?

A team makes the robot of experts, including roboticists, engineers, neuroscientists, storytellers, and child development specialists. Below listed is the process that Moxie follows for helping children learn quickly.

  • The robot shares its physical space with children.
  • It also maintains eye contact with the kids to read and understand the expressions

Thus, the child can engage with the robot directly instead of virtual which means the kid will be able to maintain eye contact and touch them too. Its advantages in learning new skills especially developing social and emotional skills.

What is Moxie Robot Price?

As per sources, the start-up company Embodied, which developed Moxie the Robot, has raised around $41 million from different companies such as Intel, Amazon, Toyota, Sony, and Fast Company. Furthermore, the robot can process and respond to other normal conversation patterns by reading the facial expressions by maintaining eye contact.

However, only a limited number of robots are available; thus, you have to pay for pre-ordering the robot. Therefore, we researched the internet to understand the cost and found that the Moxie Robot Price for pre-ordering is $50, and the total price is $1,500.

Besides, it is also available on internet portals such as that Embodied itself.

Final Conclusion

Moxie, the interactive robot designed for developing emotional and cognitive skills, is inbuilt with the process for understanding the child’s expressions by maintaining eye contact. The robot is also available on another portal like the Embodied website, which is available for $799.

We hope this article provided you with complete information on what the robot is and how it works. If you want to know more about Moxie Robot Price, then read here for some more details on this robot

Have you pre-ordered the robot? Let us know your inputs and opinions in the comments box below and share with us your views about the robot.

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