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Mteel com Reviews [April] Really Work or Just Hype?

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Mteel com Reviews [April] Really Work or Just Hype? >> This article is about which is another online store selling branded shoes.

Buying shoes for oneself can really be a cumbersome affair, if you are doing it online. There are several online shopping sites which sell shoes. 

Some are fashion oriented while others are like multi branded outlets. Well, a brand becomes your favorite, when you start liking it’s products and become loyal to it eventually by buying stuff from it time and again.

Most online stores have a tough competition when it comes to product selling. Each one has their own products to show. There’s competition in quality, price, discounts, shipping and so on.

Trapping the attention of an online visitor within a few seconds of his or her browsing is another state-of-the- affair in case of online shopping.

These e-commerce stores target on making huge money with little investment, but few of them are able to develop that long lasting credible relationship with their customers.

What is is essentially a footwear website that sports brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas and Yeezy. The brand names itself suggest that the store wishes to make it big in the shoe industry but doesn’t have any in-house manufacturing.

People depend so much on such renowned brands but can they rely upon this online web store selling shoes from the same?

The answer lies in this article.

Who would buy from here?

Anybody who wishes to enjoy products from reputed brands yet at cheap, affordable prices will be thrilled to shop from here, as brings all the famous brands under a single roof at unimaginable costs.

Is Legit or Scam? is selling shoes belonging to world famous brands at amazingly low prices. It has originated in the United States. The two points sound contradictory. A really good pair of shoes belonging to any of these brands might be available on discounts but how low can the cost be?

If it’s too cheap then either the product is a duplicate or of inferior quality. Many fraudulent websites flash attractive discounts and sales just to lure customers into buying. At the end, what they deliver is never up to the mark or they don’t deliver at all. is a legit or scam that can’t be answered outright but yes, there are certain loopholes which point towards the inadequacy of this new online shopping site.

The website designing is incomplete. It’s amateurish and lacks professional demeanor. There are no blogs, no clickable logos, no testimonials; description of items is missing and so on.

It seems the website aims at making one time money and disappear. There’s no information about the owners, address or location of the same and no phone numbers for contacting.

This is why, it’s hard to trust such websites. They only demand customer information so that they can misuse it to draw money or share with other unknown parties.

Mteel also claims to have a huge repertoire of products, if that is so, then how come being a new company , it could magnify it’s collection in such a short time?

There are no customer experiences on the website that can explain some kind of goodness about this shopping site.

If you check’s social media presence then that stands low. For any new website to gain popularity and create a strong customer base it requires to have external links, which are absent here.

The products and prices if compared to the original branded shops will reveal the truth. At such affordable, low prices, either the ordered items won’t be delivered at all or duplicate forms of the same would reach you.

Automatically, a customer gets disappointed and wishes to return back the item for saving money. But, that doesn’t happen as there is no return address and no helpline numbers. A mere e-mail id doesn’t solve all the problems.

Like, many scam sites only sought information from the people’s end but do not divulge any data related to their own existence. Be very careful here. Never share your credit card details, passwords and other important information.

 If you already have done so, then contact your bank immediately to block all payments and cards.

Websites like have poor designing, unrelatable content and stolen images. They cannot be trusted. It’s always better to avoid any dealings here and compare prices and products with other genuine shopping sites for confirmation.

Creating awareness is important. Do share your own experience and observations regarding such new entrants in the e-commerce business, so that others are saved from being cheated.

Discuss about the website in your social media groups and sought opinion. Something or the other will surely crop up to guide you in the right direction.

Remember that your hard earned money is valuable and should not be wasted on such money making scamsters.


Online shopping is a boon and also a bane. Keeping your mind and eyes open while shopping is absolutely necessary. When you come across any product of your choice, being sold at an unbelievably small price, then take out time, to do a little bit of research before shelling out pennies.

The website might just be advertising; ultimately no product would reach you.  There are hundreds of such overnight money haulers who would disappear just like that after pulling out your money.

If there’s an option of ‘Cash on delivery’, then your initial transactions must be done through that. In such cases, the website cannot cheat you too much. You have the option of returning back the item immediately, provided it doesn’t conform to your perception.

Images can be copied, prices can be fake even positive customer reviews can be made up, so a person has to be utterly conscious while doing online purchasing.

Last but not the least, a small piece of suggestion, always purchase what you need and never buy what you want. That’s because what you need will come to your use but any kind of impulsive buying leads to loss.

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  1. Someone needs to contact the BBB and or the FBI!
    MTeel is a Scammer!!! Beware! Beware! Beware!
    Still waiting on my bloody delivery!!!!

  2. Folks, I received my delivery just fine! Very satisfied with the end product! As such, we’re in the middle of a pandemic so of course you should expect delays! Be patient!!!! For full disclosure, Im in the States and received my order just fine!

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