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Must Have Apps for Travelers in 2021 {Aug} Read It!

We are all travel-hungry aren’t we? The past year and a half have been so tough on everyone due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. People we stuck in their houses, robbed of their ability to go to their favorite location stops and life just came to a halt. But, more and more individuals are now getting vaccinated and travel restrictions are being lifted. You know what this means, it means, you need to get the best traveling apps up on your phone and start booking that much-awaited trip! 

Undoubtedly, your phone is your best friend when you are traveling. And we suggest using the best VPN service for your iPhone or android to keep it secure. Other than this, the secret to smooth traveling is in using the technology at hand like great travel apps for international travel. 

We’ve compiled a list of travel apps that will aid you in every stage of your travel and ensure an enjoyable and smooth experience. 

What Are the Best Apps for Traveling? 

  • Hopper

Booking a flight is one of the first things you will do when you are planning your trip. Hopper is a great travel app that will help you determine the best time to buy your flight tickets. All you need to do is to feed in your date of travel and your destination and it will start keeping an eye on ticket prices. You will get alerts for when the prices are dropping and the best time to buy these tickets. You can easily get the app for free on the Apple Store and Google Play store. It also works smoothly with VPN apps for iPhone and Android. 

  • VPN 

You must get the best VeePN app for iOS or android while you are traveling. The reason? You will definitely connect to Public Wi-Fi while you are on your trip. You need to protect your device from getting hacked and losing important information like your bank account details. A VPN like VeePN will allow you to access all sorts of apps and websites across the world. Even if they’re banned in the location of your travel. You can get the free trial of the app before you travel to properly test it out. 

  • Booking.com 

We can’t remember how many times we’ve used this app to book the cheapest and nicest hotel rooms during travel. Booking.com lets you book your rooms in advance and also be handy in case an emergency accommodation is needed. The app has the best deals for rooms in all tourist destinations. It is compatible to use with most VPN services for iPhone and Android. You get the option to cancel the booking and also pay when you get there with most places. This gives you the peace of mind of checking the place out before checking in. The app is free on most app stores. 

  • XE Currency Converter 

One of the most stressful items during traveling is exchanging currency and there is a list of great apps for international travel but this one is unique. It will come in handy while exchanging your currency during a shopping spree abroad. You will be able to see the standard currency rates immediately before making a deal with an exchanger. Add in the currency you need to keep tabs on and the app will keep updating even if you aren’t online. This one can be downloaded for free on Playstore and Apple Store. 

  • Google Translate 

Language is awesome but it can be a barrier for travelers. You can’t hire a translator, can you? But you can download Google translate and simply translate in situations where necessary. This will help you connect with the locals and make your traveling more exciting. Does google have a travel app? Yes, it does, you can download the app from the Playstore and App Store for free anytime. 

  • Apple Pay 

A lot of countries across the world have shifted to digital payments. Apple Pay is a great way for you to pay for your purchases abroad without having to locate cash or your credit card. Remember to use it with a VPN app for iPhone to keep your transaction and data secure from hackers and cyber attackers. 

  • WhatsApp 

Most of us use this one already but the best messaging app in the world, WhatsApp allows you to stay in touch with your fellow travel buddies and family home without the need of a mobile connection. You can simply connect to Wi-Fi and you will get instant access to all your contacts on the app. The app is safe to use with free internet for iPhone and keeps all your information encrypted. It’s free to download online via the Playstore and Apple Store. 

  • Rome2Rio 

Not all of us have the luxury of affording a travel guide wherever we go, do we? Well, you can get Rome2Rio. This equips you with directions from Point A to Point B. That means you won’t get lost when trying to navigate a location on your own. You will also get information about public transport and trains in the location. The app is available for free at Apple Store and Google Playstore. 

There you have it, we hope that these great apps for travel can help you navigate the details of your travel. Use technology and these apps to make your life easier. Remember that COVID-19 is still going strong and your first priority should be to wear face masks, wash hands often and quarantine when you get back home. Stay away from virus hotspots and travel responsibly. Using these apps will limit the need for human interaction and you will be able to carry out most tasks digitally. Limiting contact should also be a priority so you and your loved ones don’t get infected.

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