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Mutant Club Shiba {Feb} Find Its Market Rise Details!

This article describes an NFT club based on the meme token Shiba Inu and its online promotions related to NFT minting. Read more on Mutant Club Shiba.

Are you interested in knowing about an NFT club that aims to create various NFT art collections? If yes, read this article till the end to understand all relevant information related to the topic. 

Meme token fans from the United States, Canada and United Kingdom are excited to be part of tokens and NFTs associated with their favorite meme tokens. Meme token-related NFTs gained massive acceptance among the crypto community members. Continue reading to know more about Mutant Club Shiba.

About Mutant Shiba Club

Mutant Shiba Club is an NFT collection inspired by the famous meme token Shiba Inu. The NFT club posted various social media posts to give clues about their NFT arts, that can be minted.

The information related to the NFT art collections was posted using its Twitter and Instagram platforms. The Twitter account also mentioned the launch of Mutant Shiba Club’s official discord in early 2022. The marketing team of the NFT art club went into extreme marketing tactics to promote the NFT in the crypto community. 

Mutant Club Shiba

  • The NFT art collection and its theme are based on the Shiba Inu as we see the promotional images.
  • The tweet had an animation image of a green claw with a black background. The tweet mentioned that the project is in its early stage.
  • The initial tweet made by Mutant Shiba had 11,581 likes, and the tweet was retweeted 3,437 times.
  • The Club also posted an image of an animated Shiba Inu with several scratches and green flowing fluids across the body.

Mutant Shiba Club Twitter Account

  • The Twitter account of the Mutant Club Shiba saw a massive rise in followers in a few days, and it created doubt among the social media followers as there is only one tweet posted from their account.
  • The Reddit users discussed the gaining popularity of the page without much social media engagement or activities.
  • Some users mentioned the possibility of paid bots behind the rapid rise in followers.
  • The club had more than forty-five thousand followers on Twitter. The first-ever tweet made from their Twitter account was on 1st January 2022. After that, there were no tweets.
  • The Mutant Club Shiba Twitter page got created in December 2021.
  • Currently, the Twitter account is suspended as the twitter officials found the page has violated the rules and policies of Twitter. 
  • Too much reporting and blocking by Twitter users can result in such account suspension. The only social media account active with the club is its Instagram page.


NFTs are a hot topic in the crypto community, and new NFT creators tend to increase more fans and followers using shortcuts and paid online promotions. To know more on the topic, please visit.

Have you noticed Mutant Club Shiba posts on social media? If yes, please comment on it.

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