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My Beach Shoes Reviews {Jun} Another Scam Site or Legit

My Beach Shoes Reviews {Jun} Another Scam Site or Legit -> Don’t dare to buy footwear from an old looking website because it can still be a fraud. Read our review post and then make a decision.

Do you want to enjoy your vacations on the beach this year? Have you ever thought of buying a pair of shoes that perfectly goes with your beach outfit? Well, if so, you should buy beach shoes from a trusted site. There are many beautiful beaches in the United States, and you can anytime go there to surf but with the right pair of shoes. 

So, let’s check this website and find out My Beach Shoes Reviews before you start adding some trend issues in the cart. 

What is mybeachshoes.com? 

This is an online shopping store from where you can buy pair of trendy shoes. The website has displayed many products, but it is focusing mainly on beach shoes. Some of the products which you can easily see displayed on the website are slippers, mesh shoes, socks for men & women, runners for women, and much more. 

According to the about us page of this website, the owner believes in bringing the most stylish and trendy shoes this summer. Also, the interface of this website seems to be fine. The website is also two years old. But before buying shoes from here, check Is My Beach Shoes Legit or not. 

 What are the main features of this website? 

  • URL: https://mybeachshoes.com/
  • Type of site: Footwear
  • Products sold: Loafers, beach shoes, anti-slip flip flops, etc
  • Shipping time: 1 to 3 weeks
  • Shipping cost: $8.95
  • Owner: Not found
  • Contact number: 808- 207-4759
  • Email address: info@mybeachshoes.com 
  • Address: Not given
  • Return Policy: 30 days
  • Payment options: PayPal, credit card, etc
  • My Beach Shoes Reviews

Pros of buying from mybeachshoes.com

  • We have done a deep analysis to find out all the positive highlights related to the website:
  • This website is around two years old. 
  • The website has a safe https connection.
  • The products displayed on the website are of nominal price. 
  • Some major information which is required is given on the site. 

Cons of buying from mybeachshoes.com

  • This website also has some negative highlights which we have detected. 
  • No customer reviews
  • The identity of the owner is still hidden
  • Lack of social media presence
  • Limited products displayed

Is My Beach Shoes Legit? 

You should know about the legitimacy (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legitimacy) of every shopping website if you want to protect yourself from scam. 

There are many legitimacy points that help in finding out if the website is safe or not. We are also highlighting some of those points below: 

  • Domain Age: 2019-05-08, it means this website is more than 2 years old from now. It is a positive sign for any website.
  • Popularity: according to our research, this website has 0 popularity. 
  • My Beach Shoes Reviews:  Only available on the official website. 
  • Trust score: this website has shown a good trust score which is 75 out of 100. It states that the website does not involve high risk, and you can go through it. 
  • Social media: We are not able to find out any social media presence of this website. It is a negative sign because a two years old website should use such platforms to gain popularity. 
  • Content quality: mediocre
  • Website Interface: mediocre
  • Owner Information: not given 

We found that this website has both positive and negative highlights. It has put us in a dilemma, so we cannot give a final statement. Research on your end before placing an order. 

What are My Beach Shoes Reviews? 

We have tried to find out reviews given by customers so that we can get a clear picture of this website. As we have checked each and every product, we found that every customer has given a five-star rating to all the products on the website. Unfortunately, no customer reviews were found on any trusted website. We should not trust the reviews given on the website itself as they can be fake. To know more watch this video.


If you are a victim of a PayPal scam, check out this link we have shared for your help.


Overall, on the basis of our research and resources, we cannot say that this website is trustworthy. My Beach Shoes Reviews on the site seems to be fake, and old domain age is not sufficient to convince us. 

Do you prefer buying beach shoes when going to the beach? You can share your feedback with us in the comment section. If you have placed your order but stuck into credit card scam, check the link we have given below

7 thoughts on “My Beach Shoes Reviews {Jun} Another Scam Site or Legit

  1. Appears to be “BAIT & SWITCH”. I find that the company practices false advertising. It sends emails with photos of one type of shoe and incudes a promotion for a discount or free shipping. When I try to use the promotion, which I have done several times, I’m told the discount does not apply to the shoe I’m trying to order. There is only one shoe in the email. The same shoe is on the page that opens with the ordering info. I clicked the size & color and entered the code. That is when I was told the code is not valid. For what shoe is the discount valid?

    1. Hi Sue, There are multiple types of online scams, it is always good to visit reliable stores for the better shopping experience. Take care

  2. This site is a scam I ordered shoes that were supposed to be $50 they charged me $80 the shoes never came and they kept sending me false tracking numbets

  3. I ordered the slip ons this morning at $19,95. With postage and handling I was charged total of $31.84. However $44 was charged on my credit card. I am now thinking they are scammers.

    1. Hello Sue! We appreciate your valuable review here. This would be beneficial for other readers also, and they will be able to make up their minds for this specific portal. Thank You! Have a Great Day!

  4. I ordered shoes from MyBeachShoes.com. My Visa had an “international charge” in dollars. Shoes arrived as advertised but were too narrow. In order to return for a refund, customer must request an authorization, which I did, but I never received a response of any kind from “customer service”, in spite of multiple requests.
    I complained to my credit card, and the charge was reversed. This is not a reputable company.

    1. Hello RICHARD MEREL! We are grateful that you have spared your precious time writing your review here for this online site. Your review will be helpful for other prospective buyers also. Thank You! Stay Safe! Have a Great Day!

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