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My Leathers Wear Reviews {Sep} Is This A Scam Website?

This guide carries the study of the My Leathers Wear Reviews and website details. Please be aware before ordering products.

Would you like to buy a new outdoor dining set and leather furniture? Finding it difficult to plan your outdoor settings? Now it is easy with myleatherswear.com. You can find various collections of Outdoor Dining sets on the Myleatherswear website to make it perfect. 

Myleatherswear.com initiated and designed products according to the people in the United States. So do not delay further; let’s look at My Leathers Wear Reviews and other legal details.

About the myleatherswear.com website

Myleatherswear.com is an online outdoor dining set and leather furniture selling website. The website sells products in different categories to make the perfect outdoor dining. The products like Outdoor Patio Sofa, Campfire Grill, Outdoor Dining Set, furniture, etc. The website ships the product all around the world except few OFAC-authorized countries. The website takes customized orders from the customer for the perfect outdoor dining. Myleatherswear.com is not delivered the product to PO boxes. It handovers products only to the customer.

Let us see the most numerous things about the Myleatherswear.com website and Is My Leathers Wear Legit.   

Website Specifications:

  • Type of Website:  Online Leather products and furniture selling website.
  • Type of products: Outdoor Patio Sofa, Campfire Grill, Outdoor Dining Set, furniture, etc.
  • Product URL: https://myleatherswear.com
  • Website created date: 16th April 2022 
  • Website Expiration: 16th April 2023
  • Product price: The item’s selling price is in USD.
  • Support Email ID: info@myleatherswear.com 
  • Address to Contact: Headquarters: 14 Beaverbrook Drive, Brookhaven, New York 11719, USA
  • Reach For any queries: +1 (475) 338-6758 
  • Shipping Policies: Product shipped between 7 to 9 working days. 2 to 4 weeks will take for customized orders.
  • Delivery Time: 5-7 working days to deliver the product.
  • Return Policy: Accepts product return.

More My Leathers Wear Reviews,

  • Refund Policy: myleatherswear.com accepts product return
  • Cancellation of Product: It is not available.
  • Tracking details: Customers can track orders via DHL, TNT, and FedEx by tracking number.
  • Mode of Payment: myleatherswear.com accepts all card payments to purchase the product.

Let us go through the positive and negative facts of the myleatherswear.com website.

Positive facts

  • The Myleatherswear.com website has a safe and secured HTTP valid connection.
  • The website handover products only to the customer with a signature.
  • The website provides free shipping in the USA for all orders. 
  • Myleatherswear.com has Social media links.

Negative aspects decide Is My Leathers Wear Legit

  • For international order delivery, duty charges must be paid by the customer.
  • The website does not ship products to Iraq, Iran, Russia, Israel, Brazil, India, and OFAC-authorized countries.
  • The Myleatherswear.com website has low popularity.
  • Owner data and other technical info are hidden.
  • The Myleatherswear.com website has proximity to suspicious Websites.

Website Legitimacy:

  • Age of the Domain: The newly registered website was 3 months ago.
  • Social media Links: Found Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest links.
  • Trust Index score: Myleatherswear.com has a bad 1% trust score.
  • Ranking in Alexa: Alexa Global ranking is # 1994908, and Reach is # 1845548 
  • My Leathers Wear Reviews from customers:  No reviews or feedback found.
  • Email ID to contact: Email id support is available.
  • Number to Contact: The customer support number is available
  • Domain link is Safe: The Myleatherswear.com website has a harmless HTTPS connection.
  • Domain content scarcity: Pirated data not found.
  • The Domain owner data: owner’s name & technical identity were hidden.
  • Return policy: Accepts order return.
  • Privacy policy: Information is stated.

Have you got the Myleatherswear.com website legitimacy particulars above? Also, continue for more Myleatherswear.com customer reviews.

More about customer reviews

Myleatherswear.com is an online outdoor dining set and leather furniture selling website for your perfect outdoor dining. We didn’t find My Leathers Wear Reviews on the official website and other reliable platforms. The Myleatherswear.com website is new, so it has a poor reach among the customers. The website has found a malware score, phishing score, and threat profile.Myleatherswear.com is a well-designed website, but the social media links are unavailable. Did not find myleatherswear.com website ratings. Likewise, click here for More Details On PayPal Scam on this link.


We conclude that Myleatherswear.com has online outdoor dining set items selling websites. The website found proximity and suspicion. The Myleatherswear.com website has a 0.9 ranking out of 100. The website has a 1% of trusted score only. Based on the My Leathers Wear Reviews and other details, the website is not recommended to purchase. 

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Have you Got Myleatherswear.com details? Leave your estimation. 

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