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My Lotus Mat Reviews [Jan 2022] Another Scam or Legit site?


My Lotus Mat Reviews [Jan 2022] Another Scam or Legit site? -> Find out the product that claims to reduce muscular pain or chronic pain at an affordable price.

If reports are believed, acupressure is one of the easiest ways to relieve muscle pain. It plays a significant role in cure chronic problems. Another fact says that a good sleeping mat can have a positive impact on human body posture. What if we connect both terms, the result will be outstanding. It will give your relief from tensions, knots, and muscle spasms. In this, My Lotus Mat Reviews has to offer and what it can bring to us. 

There are various products available in the market offering to claim similar benefits. Such companies try to lure customers by offering discounts, deals, and different other rewards. The mat is trying to cater to the need of people across the United-States. Our readers requested us to find out all the information about it, to help them out with buying decisions. 

If you are one of those troubling muscle pains, neck pain, or any other chronic do check our My Lotus Mat Reviews

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What is My Lotus Mat?

It is a mattress designed to offer you relaxation in a better way. It helps an individual get rid of stubborn muscle tension and provides several benefits to health and fitness. The company claims that a 10 minutes session can improve blood flow, eases headaches, and migraines, enhances sleep quality, resulting in a healthier life. 

Such products have become a need for individuals these days, and anyone can order them online. However, the question is, how safe is your money when buying this product? Is it a genuine item, or the company scamming people around the United-States? Well! There are so many questions that come to mind and require proper attention. We will discuss all the critical aspects in details.

Specifications of My Lotus Mat:

  • Product Name: My Lotus Mat
  • Product Type: Acupressure sleeping mat
  • Available Colour: Magenta, Royal, Pecan, Lavender
  • Money Saver: As you do not require a physiotherapist
  • Approval: It is not approved any authority
  • Age Group: It is a universal product works regardless of age group, gender, and color
  • Price: $89.00

Pros of buying My Lotus Mat:

  • Instant Relief
  • Provide relaxation for deeper and restful sleep
  • Helps overcome muscular pain
  • Increase rate of cell metabolism that prevents cancer and another harmful disease
  • Reduces Numbness
  • Tension release

Cons of buying My Lotus:

  • Not popular in other countries
  • Claims too much, which looks unbelievable

Is My Lotus Mat Legit?

The company is available in the market for more than 9 months, clearly a good sign. As products for more than six months, it does not turn out to be a scam. There are various customer reviews available on the website, which is missing on other channels. It is not available on any of the social media channels creating a significant doubt in our minds. Various things look fishy; it is the only product available on the website. Hence, it seems there could be a problem with it. We recommend our readers not buy it for now. There are other similar products available at comparable prices at trusted websites. 

What are customers saying about it?

The product is not new to the market, but it has not got enough popularity other than United-States. Most of My Lotus Mat Reviews are from people of the United-States and are listed on the website only. There are not many reviews on other channels. We tried to find out more information about it on different media but could not locate any. 

Most of the website reviews are positive, which cannot be true, as people may have some issues with products. It is clearly not done and creates a significant doubt. This is one of those reasons why we are not recommending our readers to go for it. 

Final Words

Although the product is more than 9 months old in the market and passes the six months test. However, the reviews are mostly connected to the users of the United-States. They are not available to people in other countries. Most of the My Lotus mat reviews are positive, which cannot be true, as people may find something wrong with any product. Hence, we do not recommend our readers to go ahead for this product. 

In case you have any other products or you have already purchased it, do share your concerns and reviews with our readers. You can also share your experience in the comment section below; we would be happy to help.


  1. I just ordered the mat and also order the pillow. The pillow was advertised at $28; however, you charged me $60. Please update our website to indicate the correct charge for the pillow.

    1. Hello Margaret! This is simply one of the way to make scam with buyers. Projecting less amount with huge discounts, so that buyers can move ahead with shopping. We share many blogs alarming our readers. Thanks for reading our blogs. Stay blessed.

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