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My Pillow Covid Cure (August) Get Assisted By The Best.

My Pillow Covid Cure (August) Get Assisted By The Best. >> This article will inform you about a treatment supplement for Covid-19.

The medical teams of different countries are working day and night to develop a vaccine or a treatment supplement to fight this deadly disease. Countries like India and Russia have finished their trials for the vaccine while the United States, United Kingdom, Canada have come up with an Oleandrin miracle cure. 

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What is My Pillow COVID Cure?

My Pillow chief executive, Mike Lindell, has recently claimed in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, that oleandrin can cure Covid-19. However, there are no studies as of now, which show that it is safe and effective. It is claimed that this shrub is poisonous instead. 

Besides this, the scientists say that oleandrin shrub could be toxic if even a pinch is injected. In one of his articles, a doctor stated that oleandrin is a lovely flowering Mediterranean shrub held responsible for several accidental poisonous cases. Many added to it that it could be deadly if any part of this plant is ingested, or even if a snail which might have eaten this shrub is consumed, the person might die.

Specifications of My Pillow COVID Cure

  • Product: Covid-19 treatment supplement
  • Derivation: Oleandrin Shrub
  • Founder: CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell
  • Countries: The United States, United Kingdom, Canada
  • Approved yet: NO

How can it be a treatment for Covid?

As seen in the various experiments regarding the treatment supplements, it is common to produce a medicine out of a poisonous plant. It can be stated to support oleandrin’s potential that this plant can fight a type of leukemia. 

A lab test was conducted by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases about the My Pillow COVID Cure, but it turned out to be ‘inconclusive.’ 

There is research being conducted on the properties mentioned above. 

Can it be sold over-the-counter?

There is a possibility that this could be sold over-the-counter, which is why it has become the hot topic. Also, labeling the oleandrin as a cure for Covid won’t be permitted by the government.

What are the reviews for My Pillow COVID Cure?

A medical ethnobotanist from Emory University said that one should not mess with this plant as it is toxic and dangerous. The My Pillow COVID Cure is yet to be tested and is not recommended by many scientists. 

The United States, United Kingdom, Canada are, therefore, yet to come up with a vaccine or a supplement to cure the Covid. 


Several times in the past, Mr. Lindell has been accused of exaggerating the scientific merits of a product. They have also claimed that their pillows can cure insomnia, which was then proven wrong after prosecution and research. His claims have often been falsified in history as well.

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