My Robux. Vip {April} How You Can Get Roblox VIP Server?

My Robux. Vip 2020

My Robux. Vip {April} How You Can Get Roblox VIP Server? >> Trending Game offers a Private Server for its users- what is that? – Get handsome knowledge here.

What is My Robux. Vip? What is the process to obtain the Private Server? How much the charge for it? – If you haven’t heard about it, then browse this writing; you will get insight.

Roblox offers a private server facility where people in the Philippines can now purchase the service with Robux. Still, there is a condition- the game developer needs to enable the private server option first.

We will share each detail regarding this topic, such as the creating process, changing methods, the charges, inactivation process, etc. Please stay with us to know all details about this matter-

How do people create private server through My Robux. Vip?

The steps are mentioned below-

  • Click the option ‘Server’ that you will get on the Roblox game’s details page.
  • If the option is enabled, then you will get a segment labeled Private Server. You are ready to play.
  • To create a new server, select the ‘Create Private Server’ option.
  • Create a new name and read the subscription policy, then click the ‘Buy Now’ option.
  • After buying, you can configure the private server.

Process of changing the server:

  • You can get the configuration option in the server tab’s menu or the windows of purchase notification.
  • There you can customize the name, enable your friend list, or create a new link.

What is the cost of a subscription for server related My Robux. Vip?

The subscription rate is not the same for each game as it depends on the developer’s choice. Once you purchase the private server subscription, you need not worry about the renewal. It is an auto-renewal process, so if you forget to renew the subscription- no problem, it will deduct the charges automatically, and the deduction will have occurred from the Roblox surplus. There is an option to disable the auto-renewal option- to know about it, read the next section.

Cancellation process of Subscription:

You can cancel the subscription at any time before the renewal date. The process is simple, and steps are mentioned below-

  • Tab on the ‘Menu’ option that is on the right of the page.
  • Now click on the ‘Configure’ option, for canceling the subscription.
  • Following My Robux. Vip, you will notice a ‘Subscription’ option, and besides that, there is a green icon- Active button; tab on that button.
  • Next, for successful cancellation, tab on the ‘Cancel Payment’ option on the verification window.

Inactivation process:

Step 1: At the right, you will observe a ‘Menu’ option; select that option.

Step 2: After selecting, you have to click on the ‘Configure’ button.

Step 3: For temporary inactivation, there is the ‘VIP Server Status’ option, which is denoted as Active in a green icon.

Step 4: Tab on the ‘Disable’ button to successfully deactivate the subscription.


Roblox gained millions of followers and fans around the globe, especially in the Philippines. Several new services and features have been introduced after this considerable recognition. Roblox announces for Private Server for their users, and it is real. A thorough process has been mentioned in this writing.

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