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Myavara com reviews (July 2021) Is The Website Legit?

Myavara com Online Website Reviews

Myavara com reviews (July 2021) Is The Website Legit? >> Do you want to buy women’s clothes at a huge discount? Then please click here to check its reliability before purchasing.

Are you an online consumer looking for good deals on elevated products? Myavara shop is the ideal location for all of your desires. This website provides a selection of the most fashionable clothing at low costs in India. However, we all aware not all online businesses are real.

Myavara com reviews will inform customers that they may easily buy stylish stuff by simply clicking a button. Keep reading this post to learn everything about it.

What is Myavara com Portal?

Myavara is an internet retailer with a factory site in India. They make a variety of Kurtis and Kurtis combinations in various styles. All of the site’s portions get well-categorized based on their accessibility.  The website enables newcomers and small clothing firms to reach a large audience through their creations. 

Over the leading Site, All products have massive discounts, which raises a question: Is Myavara com Legit. So, let’s know in depth. This website offers a wide range of female wear and also acts as a producer and distributor. 

Specifications of Myavara com Site:

  • Domain Registration date– The portal got registered on June 29, 2021, which implies a new website.
  • Portal URL
  • Category – The website has a variety of womenswear collections.
  • Email Address – The site email address is which is identical to a domain name.
  • Office Address – Upon this Site, there seems to be no sign of an address.
  • While searching Myavara com reviews, we noticed that the Payouts method – Credit card, visa, COD, and many others-is allowed. 
  • Contact information – Unavailable
  • Return Policy – The shop indicates that users have 15 days to change the product.
  • Refund Policy– Refund is present, but still no deadline is given.
  • Exchange Policy – There is no indicator on this website of an allowed distributor.
  • Shipment Policy – Orders are often done in 1-2 days, depending on the location.
  • Distribution Guideline – A detailed delivery plan provided with terms of service and a monitoring system.
  • Social Media Interaction – There seem to no social networking accounts anywhere.

Before knowing Myavara com reviews, Let’s see the site’s pros and cons.

Pros of buying from Myavara com:

  • The email account specified is the same as the domain name.
  • The necessary payment choices are available, notable cash on delivery.
  • There are policies regarding returns and cancellations.
  • This site offers substantial discounts on all items.

Cons of buying from Myavara com:

  • The contact details and data about the proprietor are absent.
  • The site’s social media presence is insufficient.
  • The Index score of the network is low.
  • There have been no comments on the page.
  • The site content seems to plagiarise.

Is Myavara com Legit?

  • Domain Age – On June 29, 2021, the web address got established.
  • Trust Index – The trust index value is only 4.6%, and it’s far low.
  • Alexa Rank – The official site does not have an Alexa rank.
  • Copying in the Content– The article is too short to spot copy.
  • Policies– Although the return, refund, and shipping criteria provided, there is no mention of an exchange policy.
  • Validity of Location – There is no documentation of a headquarter location.
  • Symbols from social media sites –  we couldn’t identify any social media account.
  • Owner Data – There are no specifics about the dealer present.
  • Unexpected Deals– Now, there is the presence of Unexpected Huge sales.
  • Myavara com reviews – User feedback from Myavara does not provide anywhere.

By reviewing all of these criteria, we can declare that this site is untrustworthy for now.

Myavara Com Site Reviews

We failed to find comments for this site which sells women clothing from most of its prior customers or someone who would have any involvement with it.

We looked for evaluations on all social networks and went through web pages in quest of a review site, yet we can not identify any, raising more doubts about the site’s validity. To check if you’ve been a victim of a credit card scam, read here.


After evaluating Myavara com reviews, we can conclude it is a new website with a low trust rating and no social media accounts. With this portal, there is a lack of honesty on the web. Since no presence of ratings, the site appears to be fraudulent. If you get fooled by Paypal, check out here. 

Have you ever purchased any product from this site? If so, please comment your viewpoint down.


    1. Hi Deepika Sundarrajan, it is shockening that you have received wrong order. You can try to contact the customer service of the website to raise a return or better option is refund. Do let us know. Stay safe.

  1. fake side i have to. hange my product on u froud i never expected u ll send cheap n old product wrong kurtis

    1. Hi Nishi. It is really bad to hear about your experience. Didnt you try for the returns and refunds there. Do let us know. Good Luck

      1. I received worst product fake n cheap clothes I want to return this product but how it’s . don’t have return option pls refund my money

        1. Hi Shiva chandu, Try to contact the PayPal or credit card team to refund the fund to you. Explain them the various options you have tried and the products are not those which you have ordered. Probably this way you could be able to get your money back. Good luck.

  2. This is a fraud site, dont order from here. They are scamsters, lucky we ordered COD and lost only the product cost.

    1. Hi Gopal, Thank you for sharing your feedback. This is an amazing way ‘Cash on delivery’ to stay away from heavy loss, when you are not sure about the website. We hope this would be taken care by many online shoppers. Stay safe.

  3. Myavara is totally fraud site, I request, please don’t order anything from here, I received used clothes and 1no. Short. There is no process for return and refund, totally loss money.

    1. Hi Harry, Thank you for your alarming words. This would definitely be helpful to lots of readers. We expect that people would read and stay alert. Thank you

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