Website Reviews Reviews {March} – Can You Trust This Store? Reviews Reviews {March} – Can You Trust This Store? >> This post is all about customer reviews along with website analysis by expert. It will provide all the answers to your queries about this online store. Read it!

Do you get crazy when you see vintage women apparel and desire to shop them all then go with online store where you will see heart-melting pictures of products in a vintage style?

To look like a princess by wearing vintage dress, accessories, shoes is all a girl dream, but makes your dream come true.

Also in countries like the United States, the people, especially women, recommend this site as they have given a positive response at my reviews and it is trendy in customer available at a cheaper price.  

Before buying anything, the thing to think is whether is another scam or legit? You must read Reviews to know more about this ecommerce website. Well, you will have all the answers in this post as it is based on website analysis and also a cumulative summary of all available reviews.

What Is Myfindy.Com?

People recognize myfindy online store as an ecommerce website which sells beautiful, charming and eye-catchy products such as vintage dress, vintage shoes, vintage socks, and so on. The website also provides free order on the above US $199. With the best price, they sell carefully handpicked products.


Phone no.: +86 13488275691


Products Provided By Myfindy.Com

After visiting their website, you will realize that they sell following products:

  • Vintage dress: all the dresses are provided with eye-catchy design, as to how vintage women used to dress up.
  • Vintage shoes: want to have good summer shoes then vintage shoes are available in boho designs too.
  • Vintage socks: by using an old technique, the socks are designed with multi-colour mega texture for all performance.
  • Vintage swimsuit: The swimsuits are designed with good material and in all sizes so that swimmers don’t face any problem.
  • Vintage fisherman shoes: all the fisherman shoes in women category are designed with sponge cake bottom by giving eye-appealing colour combination.

Benefits Of Myfindy.Com

After reading several Reviews and website analysis, we can say that following are the benefits of using myfindy website;

  • Huge discount on all products
  • For any legal issue and intellectual property rights complaint, you can directly mail them.
  • With secure online payment, you can use PayPal, which is the best method for paying online and also it is traceable.
  • Unexpected discount on unseasonal products

How Can You Buy?

By putting, you will get its official site from where to buy any product; you have to create an account. The website’s first page provides the product sample too, such as of vintage dresses, and by seeing the images and product prize, you can think of to buy it.

Once the account has been created, they can see all the product items and sale and can fill the cart happily and can also use coupon code. But the problem arises for the customer who understands there is no option for payment on delivery as the payment is made online through PayPal or other online methods.

Also, they provide express delivery, but for that, the amount they charge is much higher than the regular delivery charges.

Is Myfindy.Com Scam?

Well, the site looks too new, and also they don’t have enough details. It is also found that it is highly suspicious, and a regular online purchaser will see if the website is newly created, it might be a scam or not legit. If any person tries to comment or give feedback, there is no column provided for that too.

The dresses or accessories images look so appealing to the buyer, and with the massive discount on every product, they couldn’t stop themselves. The website looks as untrustworthy as it doesn’t have any single review.

Myfindy.Com Customer Reviews

While providing Reviews, one customer, Julia told that when they opened the website with its every page, it firstly looked so beautiful, but there were just limited products of everything then her mind tricked that it could be a scam website created for rich people.

Kindana stated in her review that she lost all the money when she provided them with all personal details. She also noted that the discount provided increases if you return the product as they charge more than the amount you paid.

Final Verdict

The website looks all scam or fake as firstly; there are no reviews at the site by any customer. Also, the website looked newly designed as its copyright@2020. The customer cannot publish the feedback according to them as they have written that they can edit, delete or its their wish whether they want to publish or not which shows the website is not at all genuine and also they do not wish to negative comments on their website.

It is highly recommended that the customer should check out its reviews, terms and conditions, privacy policy, return policy before buying so that the customer should not get in the loss.


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