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Mysubway Store Reviews Outcome – Read To Save Your Money

Mysubway Store Reviews

Mysubway Store Reviews Outcome – Read To Save Your Money >> In this article, we share the website call Mysubway store. Is it good or bad for you?

For the new generation, the Internet takes a significant part of our life. Through this Internet, so many people grow up their business by opening online stores/ online company etc. For today’s busy life we are 80% depended on online Store. In online stores, we get all types of products in one place.

For this 80%, people don’t want to go to the local shop. Will open their app and buy the essential thing they want.

But the question is that every online Store gives us the right or genuine product? Answer to this question is callous. But here I tell you some essential point if you follow those points then you can judge that is the website genuine or not?

Today, I share this post after reading several Mysubway Store Reviews that helps you to think is it good or bad. At the end of the article hope you can decide is it helpful website for you or not.

What is Mysubway Store?

It is a store where they sell home &garden related things, pet supplies, and essential things for baby & toddler, toys and games and also health and beauty related products. In Canada, this Store is pretty much known for the people.

Is Mysubway store a scam or legit?

  • Is the connection secure: for any online website, it is essential to check that SSL secures it.

Good news is that, Yes, it secured by SSL. SSL secured website helps to protect from the third-party attackers. 

  • About us clarity: when you go for online purchase at-first you definitely check about the company and which products they sell or from where the company belong? Make an impression the customer it is essential to share with them who the owner of the site is? And complete details of the company.

That point Mysubway store doesn’t clear about themselves on their website. There is no about us page exists. In the footer section, they only mentioned theirs address, phone no and email id.  The exciting thing is that the address they wrote, there is no physical existing in google map. When you checked the address in the google map, you cannot find the exact location.

  • Product Selling: Many online stores attract their customers by “Discounts”. When we see the product, our first concern is that from which website this product sells low of cost. Then we purchase that product from the site.

We cannot judge that is it real or fake product. At-first scammers created a website which shows that it branded by using the almost similar domain name—traded innocent people. But why a branded company need the support of another name company. Websites don’t have any official collaboration. They want to scam product by the help of fraud websites.

  • Promotion of the website: when a new company or brand enter the market nobody knows them. For this position, this brand needs attention from the people. But how they got the attention?

Create a “Backlink” of the website. Unfortunately, Mysubway store has very minimum backlinks that is very abnormal. A specific site has many backlinks to promote their website.

The thing for promotion is to create an officials account like, Facebook, Twitter etc. then promote them.

This case Mysubway store doesn’t promote like another website.

  • Scam Money:  In various site, they tell us, when you sign-up theirs’ website they give you some bonus points. Other purchasing from the website you can use that bonus point for an additional discount. This process also attracts people to buy from their website.

People complained that they didn’t get any bonus from the site. The fact when you pay money for the product you purchase; there show credit card info necessarily and not even they show Master-card or visa symbol. This impression is terrible for customers.

  • Wrong Information: Mysubway store does not show any legal information and does not show about the owner of the company and company information.

The product they show on their website also collected from another site. They don’t use the original image.

Official website definitely has a registration. It is essential for any business. When a company doesn’t show their legal information, then you need to think before purchasing.

  • Return and Refund:

a successful online website, it is essential to think about the customer’s satisfaction. For their happiness, you need to give them a performance and refund option.

the Store has provided us return and refund option. Within 60days of delivery, if you are not satisfied with the product, they give you a full refund. Within a week you will get your refund back.

Shipping they take 2-10 days of order to arrive. If passed 14 days then email them to receive the status.

you want to return the product then you have to follow some rules that they provide their website please check.

  • Testimonial:

It is one of the shocking parts of the website Mysubway store. There are no Mysubway Store Reviews written by customers in the official website. I think is it quite impossible? Because, if 50 people purchase the product at-least, ten people give the review written below.  

My subway Store Review from its customers.

Christina:  there is no proper address of my subway Store. I checked it on google map. I think its scam.

Zahra:  I found this website from another website; that’s why I go for purchase. But transaction would not work correctly. Then I call customer care no, but no response.

Rachel: When I go for purchasing the product from Mysubway Store I am shocked to see that, the particular product I want, the price of this in other website is 100$ but the same product they sell only 30$. Then I tried to call the service centre, but the number is out of service.

Final Verdict

After reading the whole article, you definitely decided that is it good for you, or it is not good. If you think its good then go for it.

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